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Video Rating: 4 / 5

Quicken Loans TV takes you through a full real estate appraisal home inspection in this informative video – part 1 (steps of the appraisal and the front room…
Video Rating: 4 / 5


  • yes4me

    interesting. As an appraiser, my mind don’t process like that, but the
    result should be similar.

  • smt456789

    Host is so annoying I didn’t want to continue watching. I think she has

  • Michael Hendley

    You know for someone who is supposed to have a decent education, you would
    think that she would know the difference between personal property and real
    property. *She asked Hugo how one gets into the business of appraising
    personal property. That is incorrect.

  • Kevin Colmer

    Computers will replace this guy in the coming years. Or at least eliminate
    a tone of appraiser jobs.

  • debraJenn

    I agree that the host is very annoying. She interrupts and talks over the
    appraiser. Her comments are ignorant and she comes across as a ditsy

  • paappraiser

    she does a great job. The appraiser is very very good. I say that as ive
    been in his shoes for near 20 years.

  • Kevin Colmer

    I would prefer another host. She needs to be more educated.

  • jessieyt1

    @smt456789 I think she just had a lot of info to pack into a short video.
    Because Youtube viewers are inordinately prone to ADD.

  • paappraiser

    We have a long way to go.. coming years are going to be more than 10years.

  • Quicken Loans

    Rspringscabin – absolutely we are still around. In fact, we are doing great
    right now. Very low mortgage rates have spurred a refinance boom. Believe
    it or not, with the current market and all, January was our largest loan
    closing month in our 24 year history. Even we are a bit surprised by the
    sudden boom in business but we certainly aren’t complaining.

  • edgar3432

    does anyone know what a rural development appraisal consists of? is it more
    strict than a regular appraisal? how long does it normally take to do the
    apprailsal? thanks

  • Quicken Loans

    Kevin – sorry you don’t like our host, but thankfully, most people would
    disagree with you and do like her. And she is very educated and
    knowledgeable about mortgages by the way.

  • madziajuszczak

    Im an appraiser in Chicago area. I wonder how is it for this guy being in
    Detroit area

  • Rspringscabin

    you guys are actually still around?

  • Pete Deatherage

    I give this vid a thumbs up. A few things to note: Not every appraiser
    starts on the inside. I myself like to start on the outside. And some of us
    draw interior walls, even though it is not longer a requirements (sets us
    apart). Also, not every appraiser has a copy of the URAR with them. I
    prefer to just freeform myself, but I have used it in the past.

  • dukenthaylor

    @TheAdultDemographic ARE YOU KIDDING? SOME appraisers are good guys. A LOT
    of them are BAD EGGS that teamed up w/the lenders to overvalue properties
    and create the housing bubble in the first place! So consider THAT w/your
    brotherhood, before saying “we” wholesale! Love you? Pay you well? TRUST
    YOU? When many of you have already fled the scene-of-the-crime AND THE
    PROFESSION? NOT ANYMORE! Not without background checks, investigations, and
    scads of other research on you guys. Those days are GONE!

  • TheAdultDemographic

    as an appraiser, i am excited to see a solid appraiser making it simple. We
    are floors and walls guys. We are the deal killers, we will not be
    pressured into a value, and it is our job to keep america safely priced.
    Appraisers are the only job in the real estate market that NEEDS their
    competition to succeed. Love your appraiser, pay him well and trust his/her

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