Las Vegas Real Estate News November 2013 Todd does an update to the Las Vegas real estate market for November 2013. The n…
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  • Shahla Safarzadeh

    Las Vegas Real Estate News

  • Akuza1000

    Your Time and Effort to bring us this information should be applauded.
    Thank you Todd and juana for your Hard work and time from your busy
    schedules to address many real estate issues !!! I look forward to many
    more of these !……

    P.S. other investors please take time to post. I know this information is
    free but give credit where it is due !!!!!

  • nirtlocj

    Hi. Are you the same Todd Miller that said back in Nov. 2011 that we
    didn’t have an inventory problem, that we had “plenty of inventory” but it
    just seemed like we did because “everyone is going after the same
    properties?” Are you that Todd Miller or was that a different Todd Miller?

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