Las Vegas Real Estate Market Update (September 2014)

February 16, 2015 by  
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Notice of Default Activity – Current Inventory Levels – Breakdown Of What Current Inventory Looks Like – Last Months Sales vs. August 2013 – Median Price v…


6 Responses to “Las Vegas Real Estate Market Update (September 2014)”
  1. thejokerspeaks says:

    Great video, just got back from Vegas today, heavy rains!

  2. Powerslide0 says:

    Magnificent presentation style, good information and strong explication of
    presented data.

    A reasonably selfless individual. This channel could be made relevant to
    global markets and snap up the views, whilst being highly informative.

  3. netguy73 says:

    Great Video! Thank you! And thank you for your honesty! It will pay off in
    a long run with returning clients and people who trust you!

  4. Timothy Zharikov says:

    good job, Bryan, Great channel! I wish your updates also covered San Diego
    and Bay Areas.

  5. Barano says:

    Missed you last month. Great comeback.

  6. Haibing Qiao says:

    Can not play the content,

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