Las Vegas real estate crash and economic collapse #33.

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Las Vegas has a very large amount of empty commercial real estate. The city’s real estate market has went from rapid price increases to large price decreases…
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8 Responses to “Las Vegas real estate crash and economic collapse #33.”
  1. shmigby bibskin says:

    Dry western heat is definitely better.

  2. Timothy Dundon says:

    Great video – Thanks for sharing. It’s in the beginning phases of looking
    this way along the WestCoast as well. That especially includes the beach
    cities . . . Belmont Shore, SealBeach, Huntington Beach . . . . “Location,
    Location” only means these desired areas get hit hardest with people on the
    streets, bankowned properties and foreclosures.

  3. Unsharpened says:

    Watch the parking lot. It will tell you how much activity was there by the
    drips of oil etc from the cars. The more black spots in the parking spaces
    , the more activity.

  4. NotSoFast says:

    do you follow peter schiff by change? check out the peter schiff show.

  5. indignant99 says:

    The building’s directory sign had 30 slots… two panels of 3-by-5. (Maybe
    your eyes played tricks on you. Or maybe the opposite of normalcy bias –
    “abnormalcy bias.”)

  6. EconCat88 says:

    @Unsharpened I hadn’t thought about that. It makes total sense and thanks
    for sharing your thoughts.

  7. 1dschamp says:

    @povertyincanada And Australia. We have some nice suburbs but the housing
    prices are absurd. Some of these brand spanking new houses i’ve seen on
    these vids at only $150,000 or cheaper. You’d never find anything like that
    in Australia (unless you pay $500,000)

  8. Gordon Silverstein says:

    you still lucky you have nice shiny roads and affordable housing , you
    should see Canada

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