Las Vegas real estate crash #24. The Greater Depression continues…

Las Vegas real estate crash #24.  The Greater Depression continues...

Las Vegas has enough empty commercial property to 100% fill many US cities.


  • jvolstad

    I wonder how much water was used in constructing these buildings? What a

  • hanoitwin

    Who pays to maintain these buildings?

  • mja2035

    Weren’t you just in Florida, man you get around. Econ’s road show to

  • EconCat88

    @Unsharpened Thanks for mentioning that. I always wondered why some new
    buildings had dirt floor or what looks like mortar dust.

  • EconCat88

    @hanoitwin Some of them have portable security video equipment. They are
    still too new to need much other maintenance and little or no grass to mow.

  • Unsharpened

    The buildings in the first part of the video probably have dirt floors.
    “Build to Suit” was probably what they were. If you can get a peek inside I
    would bet that they have dirt floors where they were put up and even during
    the boom they weren’t even rented. When ever I see “Build to suit” I always
    think “Built to rot.”

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