Jennifer Berman Reel | Real Estate Speaker Trainer Coach | The Real State Show Based in Beverly Hills, Jennifer Berman has earned a national reputation as one of real estate’s first technology speakers and consultant. In that role, she has…
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While political satire like the Real State of the State from the Fake Rick Snyder can be seen as funny or entertaining, it also communicates a very serious message: Governor Rick Snyder has…
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  • therealstateshow

    Customize your message

  • beer can

    i dont remember hearing about the gas tax during all the debates and the
    tons of flyers i got in the mail….. middle class republicans duped again

  • opal1920able

    Snyder says he is going to help seniors, by developing a web site with
    information about aging. 

  • jesterkiller

    He looks more like L Brooks Patterson but still very funny and true…

  • Lois Michalik

    Please youtube (the Snyder tune) and share if you like it Rick needs to be
    voted out

  • Mark Wagnon

    Next time, don’t forget about the ‘Emergency (Dictator) Managers’!!!

  • Bob Marshall

    Lovely and right on!

  • TheBestWayOne

    Rick Snyder- flip flop, he doesn’t tell the truth, and hides his real
    intentions till its to late to debate. Let his own words speak for
    themselves. Good thing GM and Chrysler didnt fail, thanks to the Obama
    administration. Now they are creating more Jobs in Michigan and spin off
    jobs in smaller manufacturers. Lets give credit where credit is due. 

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