Instagram Social Media Message in Real Estate – Jessica Edwards

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5 Responses to “Instagram Social Media Message in Real Estate – Jessica Edwards”
  1. Veronica Lain says:

    I’m so excited to start this career! I take the Michigan state exam

  2. Shantee Haynes says:

    Yes, its management of reputation as well as your brand

  3. Lisa Love Hicks says:

    Thank you Jessica for another great video. I’ve only been in Real Estate in
    Arkansas for 6 months. I’ve got three closings this month and I am in a
    learning curve. Your videos have certainly been helpful, now 200 more to

  4. MsSassyMT says:

    Another great video!

  5. Dee says:

    You are so professional, and stunning. You look like Sheryl Crowe, in my
    personal opinion.

    I am licensed realtor since 2002 and stuck in a rut, I have a rent to own
    website, but my broker nor I have ever invested in real estate website.

    He’s also an investor, so calls that come from yard signs are potential
    leads, the catch is that, if I capture a buyer I split a 50/50 on
    commission. my office is strictly out of my home.

    Now, Texas is doing really well in the real estate market, my rut is that
    85% of my calls are rent to own inquiries, essentially people with credit
    issues. I refer them to credit repair- but really need to amp up listings
    and buyer sells.

    I’ve begun to “farm” again, any thoughts???

    Thank you!

    Love your videos! 

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