Inspirational Sales Video Must Watch by Sales Training Expert Grant Cardone

Inspirational Sales Video Must Watch by Sales Training Expert Grant Cardone

Sales Training expert Grant Cardone talks to 2000 realtors about domination, real estate, sales, social media, money, media and why you have to get attention…
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  • peter stroud

    Hi Grant, Im 25 years old now and always have worked just go get by, I have
    a 4 year old son and in the last few months something has just got hold of
    me to say I want to ‘make it’ I don’t want to be working for pay checks
    each month, I want to make it on my own and have endless possibilities! I
    want to provide and decide bro. I have been in sales for 4-5 years now and
    have always dominated! im good at what I do but want to be better and come
    up with ideas on how I can be successful and create my own path, can you
    give me some advice please on how to act on this now? great video I have
    subscribed and am going to buy your books. thanks man. Pete from the UK. 

  • goodgirlsguide

    Hey I have plenty of haters! better start banking it then 🙂 Excellent

  • Rob Douglas

    Dominate or Disappear! 

  • Matt Srnka

    Awesome insights! Grant, sorry, but the first time I heard of you is when I
    came across a video of you closing over the phone – like two days or so
    ago. Glad I did. I now subscribe. Thank you!

  • marcus pinto

    Try calling a girl twice a month for 13 months in a row this day and age.
    Complete social disaster is what that is.

  • Robert. Gonye

    Hi Grant, we need to do a you tube video live broadcast for Africa too,
    have my company which I have modelled around your good training’s and we
    need to dominate the whole world man…!

  • k moore

    Best video I’ve ever seen on YouTube!!!

  • Aleksander Tanev

    Hello , Grant! Great speach! This is my 3rd year in university , studying
    economy and I have to say – I’ve learned so much important things just by
    watching this video. Subscribiring for sure , keep it up with the videos ,
    you are doing a great job!

  • Gaston Ortiz

    I watching you from Argentina an what you say is thru, i admire your energy
    to see the life and business, keep you good work Cardone.

  • Patrick Britton

    how much money does this guy make telling other people how to get rich?
    All these people are the same, “I’ll give you the tools to get rich, for 3
    easy installments of $299.95”

    13:04 – poor spelling and bad grammar indicates lack of intelligence, care
    and professionalism. And it’s not a best-seller…

  • Claudia Rodriguez

    I love Grant Cardone
    My inspiration :)

  • MadelnJapan

    you are funny bro.

  • Bradley Allen

    Grant, great video sir! Time to stop being a little bitch and get out there
    and do something!
    – Thanks for the kick in the butt!

  • Michelle Meek

    Amazing video! I am looking forward to hearing and reading more from Grant

  • Batya Maman

    OMG! You must watch this video !!! Find out what is the real reason why you
    don’t get results.. And learn the new definition for the word ‪#‎Bitch‬
    ‪#‎GrandCardone‬ ‪#‎Result‬ ‪#‎Success‬ ‪#‎10xMan‬ ‪#‎Boom‬

  • Tom Shamenek

    If you watch one You Tube video in your LIFE……Make it this one. If you
    can’t find your purpose after watching this…’re dead. LIFE CHANGER

  • padma paddmaa

    How you think wooooo great like butrefly soft like flower has nicely like
    bird hsa sweetly.yes rich life more mind value more than life has beauti smell like flower.

  • Patricia Diekroger

    I don’t love him or hate him, some of this was good. As a side note for
    presenters: show some respect for your audience and dress well. Those faded
    jeans (and it doesn’t matter if they cost $500 or $5.00) look disgusting.
    They look old and dirty. And guys: if your back pocket has the outline of
    your wallet on it…throw them out. If you must wear jeans for a
    presentation (maybe you’re in California or your audience is teenagers)
    they should be dark blue and fit well. 

  • Troy W Alexander


  • Norman Hubbard Appraiser

    Hi Grant,
    I totally agree with your strategy of domination, rather than competition.
    I don’t really consider that I have competitors, just customers that I
    haven’t reached yet with my great product/service!!! See you in Cancun
    Jim Norman,
    Norman Hubbard & Assoc. Nationwide Real Estate Appraisers

  • Kavish Jash

    Whenever i feel myself down ,i hit this video & charge myself ! Success is
    your duty +Grant Cardone 

  • Tim Roy

    Hello, my name name is Tim Roy JR.I specialize in stunt fighting from a
    wheelchair and working with traditional martial arts weapons such as
    spears, swords, and staffs as well as improvised weapons such as cups
    plates, pens, pencils, books, and pretty much anything that isnt nailed
    down. I have been studying 6 Harmonies Kung-fu since August of 2003 under
    grandmaster Tim Pickens and he is also the Mid West Region Director for the
    World Stunt Association. I have acheived a first degree black belt. I am
    also in volved with the stunt team that is part of the world stunt
    association, my accomplishments include numerouse first place trophies from
    various martial arts touraments aroung the state of Kentucky and a gold
    medal from the Indie Gathering stunt compitetion in Clevland, Ohio held by
    Ray Szuch the founder of the World Stunt Association. My acting in the
    stunt works include a supporting role in the film “Year of the Bat” and a
    role as an extra in the feature film “Nancy Berry’s Big Case” and Stunt
    team work on the film “The Boatman”. My goal is to use this carer to help
    motivate and bring awareness to people with physical challenges and to use
    whatever influence that i might achieve to make the world to be a better
    place. Thank you for your attention. Sincerly, Tim Roy JR. H

  • Chris Cash

    This is so powerful!!

  • Andres Godinez

    If you were wondering. That`s my Lamborghini in my profile picture. +Grant
    Cardone You got one?

  • Linda B

    If GC is so (financially) free, why did he move to Florida? He was doing
    good in LA, had his friends, etc. But MONEY forced him to move to another
    place. So how is that financially free?
    He even said in another video that after he moved to Florida, he HAD to go
    to a Charity Event in Cuba (or Costa Rica or sth) event though he didn’t
    want to. But he needed to go there to built new connections. If he was SO
    independent he wouldnt have to go there or be forced to do any of these

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