Ice Tsunamis Damage Lakefront Homes in Minn, Canada

Massive sheets of moving ice have damaged or destroyed lakefront homes in Canada and northern Minnesota. No injuries were reported. In Minnesota, video of th…


  • Kre Hart

    I second that!!

  • dabirds7

    I’d take that over a shitnami anyday!

  • ChucksChuckling

    Grab a hose and try to thaw some of the ice

  • Michael Laverty

    ALL 4 of these fraud’s need to be charged with some form of treason. These News Repeater’s do nothing but glam the news doing and saying only what they are told by there Corporate owner’s .. They perpetrate a fraud by pretending to serve a public function when in reality all they do is control the talking points . The Freakish Weather is exactly what happens when you play GOD with HAARP PERIOD and anyone who thinks otherwise is naive ..

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