How to Easily Pass Your Real Estate Exam of shares tips on passing your state real estate exam. * Update * I’m so glad that this video h…
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  • Borya B

    Can you please contact you somehow on FB in order to ask some important
    questions about real estate?

  • k ross

    What do I do first to become realtor in florida? Do I go to school? Do I
    find a realtor to see about working for? What is step one?

  • Garland Gay

    This is for general test taking and general math test taking. It’s not
    specific to real estate.

  • LarsonEducationalFL

    See our channel for more How To videos and tips for Florida real estate

  • asim khan

    susan you Are so beautyful <3

  • Pat C

    I think it was very cool of you to post and share this vid! Thank U! pat

  • crazy15good

    Thanks very Helpful!!!

  • Fayaz Hussain

    it was great tips thanks alot..

  • Fred Theman

    Srry very hot

  • Fred Theman

    You are fine

  • Excel

    I have for sale $120 a Real Estate Sales Exam Test Study Guide for
    California State package include 6 CDs 2000 Questions. Comes with
    Installation manual, Wipeout, RE math master, RE terminology, 3 CDs audio.
    Not for sale in stores. Retail for over $300. I’m located in Los Angeles
    Downtown or Glendale. I accept Paypal so contact me if interested. Thx

  • New Smyrna Beach Real Estate

    Took my Florida real estate exam 44 years ago, I am sure it got much harder
    since then.

  • Susan Milner

    Here in Florida Ziad it is mailed to the licensed sales professional then
    they must join a real estate brokerage to work for.

  • Susan Milner

    I am not familiar with the Texas real estate exam but I am guessing it is
    going to be quite a bit different than Florida’s real estate exam. We are
    allowed to use calculators here. Not sure about in TX but I’d guess yes.

  • LethargicSynapse

    Why act like a jerk about it? Obviously it’s test-taking strategies. It’s
    you and your school’s responsibility to make sure you know the real estate
    part. BTW, the real estate exam for your state most likely is more of a
    reading comprehension examination than a test on your real estate knowledge.

  • Dave PlugMan

    yes i did,this past saturday, yeahhhh

  • Vikki P

    Thanks your advice was super great!

  • dubreil07

    i took my exam in new york city….my second try,and i felt like i really
    did better then last time, but i still have not got my score, and im
    nervous. i hope its for all the good reasons.

  • dubreil07

    it takes up to a week, but happily i got my results this past tuesday and i
    passed. 🙂

  • Maurice Raffoul

    20 years ago there was no real-estate exam.

  • scrappy jax

    Thank You so much for the tips. I am planning on taking the Florida Real
    Estate Exam early next year and I will keep your advise in mind.

  • mike omitey

    Florida real estate exam passing grade is 75% and you only get your score
    if you failed,Pearsonve doesn’t give u the grade if u pass,just a paper
    saying u pass

  • Dave PlugMan

    Thank you.

  • TheRenaissanceYngMan

    nice video, check out my financial blog 5talentsfinance, soon i will write
    a blog on real estate.

  • jdivergh22

    IT SAYS ON THE TITLE HOW TO PASS, dumbass!! not anything else… hey that

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