How To Buy Real Estate How to Buy Real Estate How to buy real estate. Forget all the idiots — The bobble head TV commentators and your well meaning but ignorant friends telling you that real estate is a problem. You want to buy real estate. How to buy real estate. Real estate is NOT a problem…
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  • kratlex

    WTF shirt lol

  • 14fadu6

    hadyman’s specials are for suckers! =)) i like the way he says that.

  • ActionPrinciples

    Watch the Real Estate Millionaire tips series – almost any area with 25,000 residents will work. Bill

  • HIimInterweb

    How do I go about finding this small area to start becoming knowledgable in?

  • TheOnlineCashFlow


    w w w .onlinecashflow. com <<<<< check it out or keep scrolling and keep looking

  • thecooldirtrider

    With the exception to entrepreneurship. Many millionaires and billionaires did not attend collage, Some even dropped out. The market will soon be saturated with collage degrees making jobs harder and harder to find. Learning and education is a beautiful thing. Knowledge is power and education will take you places, However society need to lose the collage is the only way mindset because its wrong on so many levels. “formal education will make you a living self-education will make you a fortune.

  • Millionchaser

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  • ActionPrinciples

    Yes, the object of the investment program is to own real estate “in fee” which means free and clear of debt – the beauty of income property is that you have income, rent, from tenants to help you repay your mortgages.

  • juggliac

    most high paying jobs require college education nowadays. Especially anything technical or in the science field, where most of the 6 figure incomes are. I suppose you can “work at walmart” for minimum wage though without college.

  • Mikster0707

    people going to college are not getting a high payed job, experience trumps education, he is right, if you want a job you have to hunt it down!

  • juggliac

    well, thank you. I thought you were advocating for no college, but it seems you are simply saying that many majors are a waste of money, which I agree with you on. Thank you for clearing this up. Have you invested in mutual funds before? I am interested in information on investment portfolios, if you have a video on that.

  • Smitty3939

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  • ActionPrinciples

    You are correct – you want as little debt as possible.I am advising people to work hard until they have paid off their mortgages. And, college is an excellent investment, if and only if, you are a serious student.

  • juggliac

    and buy real estate in cash, and other assets in cash to avoid debt.

  • juggliac

    Why is this guy recommending mortgages and telling people not to go to college? I don’t feel like either of those are good ideas in today’s society. The go would be to go to college to get a high paying job, and avoid debt at all costs…

  • Clayton Hanson

    he reading off a paper lol BUT AWESOME ADVICE!!!

  • Amanda Daniels

    amazing video would love to see more from you 

  • Andrew Baker

    thanks a lot

  • Adrain Baker

    Really good there, I enjoyed this.

  • WBacon1974

    great ↑

  • Veronica Cannoy

    looking forward for your new videos

  • Claudia Badakhsh

    Great job im gonna suscribe!!!

  • Byron Faith


  • Alicia Daniels

    Very good vid

  • Clifford Lackland

    Perfect video

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