How To Become A Real Estate Agent – Watch This First!

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New Real Estate Agent Daily Schedule

If you want do do more then 20 deals a year then i would watch this: CALLING all new agents… New agent schedule for a real estate agent.This schedules help…



    cool…thanks for uploading :)

  • Christoph JR

    This was a very interesting and motivational video. I like the stories
    that each member of your team brought to the table. 

  • Chris Medeiros

    Started out being very informative and then jumped to being a plug for
    ridiculous scam business

  • Jordon Renn

    I really wish there were more basics

  • 0811war

    Wow this is a whole bunch of nothing. Nothing to do with the title. 

  • Julia Seledchik

    Out of all of the videos and research I have done on getting started in the
    Real Estate Business, this has been the most helpful video. Yes, I have
    read the comments below, yet there was a short breakdown of net income in
    the Real Estate Business for specific people, and that really helped to get
    an understanding on where the money comes from, and certainly where the
    money goes. Thank you.

  • Cory Hoopingarner

    What a joke these people are! 

  • Jon Ochs

    I agree with Patricia, except buying and flipping poses a whole different
    set of challenges (cashflow, risk, etc.). In this market, it has become
    difficult to obtain properties at a price that is conducive to making any
    money on a flip. Although there are many that talk about flipping with no
    money, to do it right, you either need a good deal of money or access to
    it. I’ve been flipping properties in the PDX market since 2005. It is
    difficult to create consistent cash-flow as a RE flipper.

  • Patricia Winston

    The behind the scenes work a Realtor must do to be compliant is where the
    time is spent – showing property is easy peasy – unfortunately there is
    massive research and keeping up-to-date on your legal responsibilities – a
    Realtor earns every penny of a commission because of the unseen work that
    goes on behind the scenes. I would rather be involved in buying and
    flipping property than taking the responsibility as a Realtor.

  • Real Estate Agent Tips
  • Reno Real Estate Guy

    This is almost exactly what I did my first year. 

  • Greg Adams

    Thanks for the video. Good information!

  • Carmen Gambone


  • Anton Kiernosz

    there is no training in this world which would make an under productive
    agent to top salesperson, unless you can change him/her how he/she FEELS
    about being a real estate salesperson and all the activities what are
    involved in selling. When they have internal resistance to selling their
    subconscious will sabotage their success. Real estate will be HARD and they
    will struggle. When people are congruent in what they are saying and
    doing, success is guarantee,
    please contact me to discuss what I can do for you. Thanks

  • Christopher Spillman

    Call him…wish I were in his area. I’d go work for his office

  • Aleshia Sandel

    Thanks! Love your delivery and honesty.

  • Ultranova Real Estate

    Great information, experience RE agents should do the same!

  • Angie Hall Pike

    tHANK yOU=)

  • kensome kelly

    Excellent, he tells the truth people do not want to hear. Work hard and
    PROSPECT daily!!!!!

  • Name

    Really nice advice.

  • suzanna gabbana

    very helpful thank you Jeremy.

  • N Ross

    chao chi! rat la dep, dep qua!!!!

  • Chau Nguyen

    Call me, if you want to invest in HCMC Vietnam (84) 08 54489688

  • John Mueller

    No sugar coat. Straight and to the point. Very good. A bit of reality.

  • Stephanie Rangel

    Awesome. Thank you… New agent 🙂

  • Mark Jackson

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