Housing Bubble Pop and Stock Market Crash Coming 2015 – 2017

Radio host and economist, that predicted the 2008 financial crisis and housing crash, Harry Dent discuss the next financial crisis, a crash coming in 2015 – …
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  • Jason Carter

    Harry Dent was fairly dogmatic about the crash starting in 2013. He’s
    likely correct but not good at timing. I wish Alex would put on Martin
    Armstrong who’s confidence interval peaks in 2015 with a decline into 2016
    and another decline into 2020.

  • Jeff Holt

    He has said the same thing for 15 years. There will always be bubbles
    stupid, its capitalism. Gives him something to talk about I guess. how bout
    that terrible tulip bubble..hahahahaha

  • MrZozue

    The beggining of this video makes sense, but it os not the root of the
    problem. The problem are NOT the immigrants. They are a symptom of global
    poverty, not a cause. Listen carefully, the real reason for the global
    crisis and this bubble economy is that the US are not producing as they
    used to and are consuming more than they did before, thanks to the dollar´s
    reserve currency status. It´s like “OK, I have the money printer that works
    worldwide and I rule the financial system, so I will use it to my favor”.
    It works on a short period but for the long term, it is going to end VERY
    UGLY for the USA and the rest of the world. Russia´s actions are there to
    support my words. The dollar is at a great risk.

  • RantzBizGroup

    Dent keeps changing the drop dead date… either call it and stick with it,
    or admit that the demographic model is void. I could flip a coin and be as
    accurate as he’s been since 2000.

  • Michael Mallal

    Interestingly both the Sumerians and Chinese as well as Kondratiev use the
    cycle of 60. 

  • Cynthia Allaire

    There are big problems with what Harry Dent and Alex Jones are saying. The
    US economy would collapse if ICE [Immigration and Customs Enforcement]
    accomplished their ostensive mandate. We are entirely dependent on an
    immigrant labor force to have an affordable food supply, for one. “We
    literally get the dregs,” said Jones. Not at all. We largely get the
    desperate, those made desperate by odious US foreign policy which includes
    coups, gun shipments, and drug policy that strengthens drug kingpins while
    keeping major US banks awash in laundered drug money. The deal with the
    militarized border is a giant subsidy to US corporations. You know it
    wouldn’t be there were it not to the preference of the corporations, and
    neither would the strategic “leakiness” of the border. Having a workforce
    they can intimidate, threaten with deportation, cheat of their wages, and
    use to keep wages down is all to their liking, and they have the final say
    on US policy, foreign and domestic.

    What Dent advocated as what occurs in Australia and Canada has been going
    on here, too, and continues to be pursued as standard immigration policy
    here; it’s called the “brain drain” – let other countries pay for the
    education and development of important skills and then lure the best
    educated away. The country that loses these young people had greater need
    of these skills than we do, and the employers here want them because they
    figure they can pay them about 2/3s of what they would have paid a US
    graduate with a similar skill set. Consequently, we have huge numbers of
    young people emerging from college heavily in debt only to find a paucity
    of job opportunities.

    Yet another corrupt aspect of standard immigration policy here is to give a
    “go to the head of the line” red carpet treatment to immigrants with
    substantial wealth. There’s scant investigation as to how that wealth was
    garnered. Two probable answers if the question were asked: [1] Exploitation
    of their fellow countrymen and women in their native land or [2]
    inheritance of wealth from someone disposed to exploitation of others. It’s
    a near certitude that their plans include exploitation of Americans and/or
    fellow immigrants once they’re ensconced here. The policy makers are the

  • Michael Mallal

    How about legalizing and taxing the drugs coming from Mexico thus
    increasing the tax base?
    At present vast amounts are, no-doubt, lining the pockets of police,
    politicians and banksters. 

  • Heart2HeartBooks

    Any moron should see the coming crashes!

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