House For Sale, Runaway Bay, Jamaica

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Superb house owned by friends, in the exclusive area of Runaway Bay, St Ann. Only 10 mins walk to the beach 4 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms, 2 powder rooms, dinning room breakfast room, kitchen,…


16 Responses to “House For Sale, Runaway Bay, Jamaica”
  1. Angie O'Connor says:

    Why are they playing that music – its Jamaica so they should be playing
    reggae music 2raatid!!!!!

  2. debrak04 says:

    whoever pays 23.8 mil for this has lack of a lot of knowledge

  3. islandgirl3330 says:

    Revisiting 2 years later. Some parts of the house is nice, e.g., living and
    dining room. Kitchen terrible, I would have to gut and modernize it,
    furniture definitely has to go. Bathrooms would have to be redone. Tiles
    would have to be replaced with better quality and nicer. Oh my, have I
    become sophisticated.

  4. Mike says:

    Ya know if your afraid to show the price your asking way to much. Who wants
    to watch a whole video on a stupid crappy house for A million bucks?

  5. twindragontyler says:

    Where is lot 41 located in Runaway Bay? Is it near the golf course or HEART?

  6. Heather Shakes says:

    Hello the price is 23.8 million Jamaican if interested call 561-686-0077

  7. earlsutton says:


  8. GaryLawrence0 says:

    Nice presentation and soothing music.

  9. twindragontyler says:

    Where is lot 41 located in Runaway Bay? Is it near the golf course or
    HEART? Is Runaway Bay Meadows near Runaway Bay?

  10. keesh timon says:

    the dog!

  11. TrollMaster300 says:

    @twindragontyler in between Rio Bueno and Ocho Rios

  12. flexjamin says:

    beautiful music,i miss home.what the price?

  13. flexjamin says:

    what the price?love the house and the music

  14. islandgirl3330 says:

    I noticed that they use a lot of this gaudy looking furniture in Jamaica.
    Not my taste but the house is nice inside. I wonder why they are selling.
    Are they foreigners moving out or a rich Jamaican? A house like this may be
    expensive to upkeep. If I bought this house, the furnishings would have to
    be different but we all like different things, don’t we. Very good video
    and music.

  15. 96amarone says:

    That’s got my name on it lol

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