High School Dropout to Real Estate Investing Superstar | BiggerPockets Podcast #89

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Check out the show notes at http://www.biggerpockets.com/renewsblog/2014/09/25/high-school-dropout-300-real-estate-deals/ Looking to be inspired? Today on The BiggerPockets Podcast we sit…
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From the album Atlas.
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30 Responses to “High School Dropout to Real Estate Investing Superstar | BiggerPockets Podcast #89”
  1. Engelo Rumora says:

    Looking to be inspired? From High School dropout to over 300+ deals in Real
    Estate #TheRealEstateDingo #OhioCashflow 

  2. Nick M says:

    nice podcast

  3. Landy Bueno says:

    Love it!

  4. Engelo Rumora says:

    Thanks guys, it has been a pleasure being part of the Bigger Pockets world
    of Real Estate.

  5. Ohio Cashflow says:

    The Bigger Pockets

  6. Fibius Snottus says:

    Great song. Nothing spectatcular, just strumming along, but it sticks in
    your head and you come back for it. Lovely. Reminds me of The Stone Roses.

  7. Ken Mae Rivera says:

    If you guys like this kind of music then you probably wanna check the album
    “allahlas” by allah-las 

  8. Dave King says:

    ‘Had to Hear’ is sooo upbeat – it just makes my day.

  9. Jorge r.r l'oeil libre says:

    les achats sont finis pour cette année
    aujourd’hui c’est ma r-tété
    je bois mon café,
    je vais aller
    soit m’aérer
    soit marcher
    soit au ciné
    sinon Jorge tu as ch…. C’matin?
    Oui merci de penser à moi!!ohhh???
    ….c’est fait depuis c’matin tôt!!!!
    combien de fois par jour STP,
    Ohhh….. facilement 6 fois par jour voire plus…
    ah d’ac…
    …..et Toi?
    Une seule fois par fois j’ai pas trop le temps la journée….
    Post-scriptum : un de mes nouveaux groupes préférés…
    Bonne journée à tous et à toutes

  10. Mateo De Giutzi says:

    Had to hear this.

  11. mikew4001 says:

    Wow just heard this song in a local H&M stire today… great band!

  12. Idriss Sourou says:

    I think that “Atlas” by Real Estate is definitely one of the finest record
    of 2014…
    #realestate #newjersy #indie

  13. Sean McCullough says:

    Great album opener. Not sold on the rest of it but I really like this
    song. #tunesday 

  14. karen veramendi says:

    I’ve been waiting since the last album of wild nothing “nocturne” for
    another great one!! 

  15. amanda rice says:


  16. Hugo Van Mol says:

    His voice sounds lie The Stone Roses

  17. Ryan Sol says:

    Real Estate is my favorite band after the Strokes, 3EB, and Ben Folds 5.
    Love these guys

  18. Martín Taddei says:

    the first song sounds like “open my eyes” from Nash, Todd Rundgren… But
    that happens… influence is working in all of us. Nice band, nice disc!

  19. Tom Kern says:

    I was driving thru the suburbs in my Galaxie 500 with the windows down just
    coasting on the bliss of a summer’s breeze

  20. drmacman101 says:

    Cross between REM and the Beach Boys.

  21. AcousticJuice93 says:

    I guess this is what I would feel if I had a gf

  22. Seamus Murnaghan says:

    Just great and happy, stone roses live on 

  23. sonastainbrook says:


  24. jon jacobs says:

    I heard this beautiful gem of a song on David Dye’s “World Cafe” show on
    NPR, it’s by far the best new tune I have heard this year! The guitar
    riffs in this are so beautiful. I look for this one to be a big chart
    climber when it gets a little more exposure…best wishes to the band!

  25. Roger Lopes says:

    The voice sounds like Ian Brown (Stone Roses).

  26. Jayne Bertrand says:
  27. Andrew X Xmarksthespotss says:


  28. Benjamin Hughes says:


  29. Loredana Sherman says:

    Everything about this song is The Stone Roses. Everything.

  30. Tee J M. says:

    Pleasantly Bright Guitar-Pop 

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