HEALING HOMES: recovery from psychosis without medication

COMPLETE DOCUMENTARY FILM. “Healing Homes,” recovery from psychosis without medication. An in-depth exploration of the Family Care Foundation, one of the bes…
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Instead of wood or bricks, go for steal!
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  • Paul Sarver

    I think breaking out of psychosis is like waking up from an coma

  • Alexandru Stan

    Great slice of life, great people. And thank you so much Daniel for sharing
    this with us.
    Thx for sharing I’ll be passing this on.

  • empyblessing

    I knew years ago that the problem wasn’t the brain but the environment. At
    least with me, I could look around and see my life and know that an
    unnatural environment had created my problems. I would dream about the
    country and nature and living among nice people. Whenever I thought about
    what I wanted it was always those things: nature and friends. 

  • chelo trabadelo

    Great work, gifted people, you have bring tears to my eyes and hope to my
    heart. Thank you. 

  • Ratakari

    great! thanks for uploading!

  • StandUpForReason

    Great documentary! Got moved to tears at times as well… really great
    model, that the sweds are using!

  • kindnbrainy

    Thank you from my heart and mind for sharing your documenaries freely.
    I am truly blown away by your gift to the world – in this global world –
    global mental health – where millions of people can now find inspiration,
    hope, humane empowerment through your films ‘Take These Broken Wings’,
    ‘Open Dialogue’, ‘Healing Homes’, and ‘Coming Off Psych Drugs’.
    You are supporting millions people in dire need presenting and exploring
    alternatives for humane healing from severe distress and find means of
    collective action for social change. More gratitude than words of


    The ABC man is mmmmm..handsome. 

  • Howard1939

    This concept not new, Bob Villa (This Old House host over 15 years ago.)
    featured shipping containers converted to “hurricane resistant” housing in
    Florida nearly 5 years ago, they are converted off site similar to
    manufactured housing & have foam insullation, windows and doors added
    before moving to construction sites..

  • Sabina Calabrese

    is it comfortable to live in such houses? especially in winter or when the
    weather is hot? I would prefer the classic house, especially if notice how
    ugly these steel houses are…

  • M Fox

    All were totally ugly except for the last one.

  • Rolando Pretto

    I’m definitely benchmarking this for Barcelona! 

  • valhala56

    ABC News who is writing the txt for your Youtube vids? 1st graders, the
    metal steel is spelled Steel not Steal. LOL

  • Jann Toliver

    Home containers became popular all over the world, but they are not the
    solution to the problem of the shortage of housing in densely populated
    areas. Buying a container is not a problem, but to turn it into the living
    room is not easy

  • Ninja Prodigy

    I understand this could be a solution for affordable housing, but damn
    those are ugly

  • Michal Baylor

    Americans have to save for housing while Obama wastes money on Africa.

  • Chi Huynh


  • iiZBeatz

    Ahaha steal? Steel..

  • TheRealVictorThai

    I’d do it with her for a week gigadi gigadi gooo

  • Andrew Hollis

    I don’t feel like this is a good idea in a historic neighborhood. It stands
    out wayyy to much. basically ruins the character of the neighborhood. It
    fine in a more rural location or in a more modern location. 

  • ThE DuCk

    Metal crates stacked on top of each other next to historic homes is an ugly
    eye sore . Call it trendy all you want but you would still be living in a
    shipping crate used to ship who knows what before you moved into it .

  • Enid Shank

    While immigrants are settled into hostels and houses in the cities,
    americans are settled into ship containers and garages..Just wow.thanks
    Obama for care!

  • Boccelli53

    This has been around for a bit, and can actually be made into homes! Not
    only stylish, but economical. 

  • Adam Gregory


  • aznswti

    Homes made of steel?? What happens when lightning strikes!?!?

  • Hammerman365

    Mmmm I will “Do it ” with you for a week 

  • Brennan Cedeno


  • BarlowEnter

    Why it sucks to live in this thing? Soundproof problem, last time I checked
    steel isn’t good at muffling sound. Second of all, heat, steel transfer
    heat and cold too well. If it’s summer, it’ll be burning hot. At winter,
    put your skin against it with some moisture, your skin gets super glued to
    the surface.

  • Donát Omoragbon

    3:22 I would do it with you for a week any time.

  • BeMoGamer

    Well better then How America Build’s it houses now…Out of Cardboard and

  • No1HillBilly

    I would definitely do it with her for a week.

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