Hawaii Kai Luxury Home For Sale | 6908 Kalanianaole Highway, Honolulu, Hawaii 96825

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Featuring a luxury home for sale in Hawaii Kai, Oahu, Hawaii. Listing courtesy of Marti Hazzard of Coldwell Banker Pacific Properties: http://www.coldwellban…
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The crème de la crème of paradise in Costa Rica! This year we are moving to our property not far from this estate where we can enjoy our horses. For this rea…


27 Responses to “Hawaii Kai Luxury Home For Sale | 6908 Kalanianaole Highway, Honolulu, Hawaii 96825”
  1. Brandon Perea says:

    Wow paradise 

  2. Marvin Carter says:


  3. Shari Billings says:

    Amazing! Would love to see more of the interiors. Such an AMAZING, tropical
    resort-like property!

  4. Howard Daniels says:

    love the house,hate the location.

  5. Randel Biggums says:

    Im so gonna get dis when I move outta da ghetto and start my drug company

  6. TheFeenix10 says:

    my dog wouldnt even take a shit in this rathole

  7. saiful951 says:

    really very nice

  8. darkakkoi says:

    amaaaaaazing!!!! clip1!!!

  9. Albert Kutas says:

    i live in costa rica it not gud place and with a 12 million dollar home to

  10. 1digman1 says:

    Wow, that is a gorgeous house. It is only going for 1.6 million for such a
    gorgeous estate! It would be extremely rare to find this kind of estate for
    such a price in America. I love Costa Rica, and it would be a treat to have
    a house down there, (if I can get my dad to pay up)..

  11. Abo Rasha says:

    My house is better than this

  12. Sonababy511 says:

    Awesome………The sound quality and music is really great……The
    scenary is also nice…….I like it……..

  13. tinku88885 says:

    it’s really a luxury home. i never see before. it’s great and video is so
    cool and nice.

  14. zandra070 says:

    great views! nice background music.

  15. konine36 says:

    bgood . beautiful

  16. luxuryloghomes says:

    A great investment. If given an opportunity and if lucky enough to win the
    lottery, this house would be the best option for anyone.

  17. Kazol Sarkar says:

    This video is very nice and enjoyable.

  18. Allison Mingo says:

    This is my future home.

  19. Phung Linh says:

    The architecture are so nice, I love this place :)

  20. CJ Unnikrishnan says:

    wowwwww…. wonderful area. I really like the place

  21. Sunil Lama says:

    Beautiful place..

  22. Duc Nguyen Tan Chu says:

    nice scenes!

  23. tycoon458 says:


  24. Hassan Ali says:

    nice house nice video

  25. shaneo33t says:

    Amazing view

  26. tupacoutlaw3 says:

    the firts thing i would do if i won the lottery is buy this beautiful house
    im in love with this property and the best part is that is located at costa
    rica beautiful place to live

  27. a03007202195 says:

    very excellent video of house containing beautiful landscape and furniture
    decoration. and music of video is also nice..

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