Google TIP Hangout: Creating non-Google Virtual Tours

A gathering of Google Business Photos TIPs to discuss the options of building custom virtual tours not hosted in the traditional way by Google. I’ll actually…

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  • Luke Woods

    Also I am wondering just what kind of client wants a non Google tour? From
    hitting the streets and talking to would be clientele- I am seeing that 70%
    of people dont know what a virtual tour is… I am thinking that people may
    want a highly customised tour AFTER having a Google tour- anyone have
    experience in this matter? Cheers, Luke 

  • Arte Tedesco

    Great job, Steve. I have a video production company and a client just
    asked for a price for a virtual tour of his huge appliance showroom. I
    have quite a bit of experience with After Effects, Photoshop, various
    editing software, etc. So, I’m plunging into the virtual tour world and
    this post has helped me a lot! Thanks, again!

  • Luke Woods

    Hi Steve- hello from England- most interesting HO- I have one Q- the Google
    blurring issue- USA seems quite hot on privacy issues- so how goes it with
    non google tours and libel risk? 

  • Jeffrey Zipay

    Steve… Great job and excellent info. Many Thanks for your time and

  • Greg Vogel Photography

    Steve, you are the only one here with experience?

  • Jeffrey Zipay

    what are some of the forums that you belong to that will help reduce and
    enhance the learning curve of the softwre

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