glidecam DSLR video stabilizer for real estate. Take The Shake Out Remember the last real estate video you saw with a real estate agent showing off his/her latest listing using their iPhone, Kodak Zi8, …
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  • shawn Lisi

    Thank you so much learned a lot in the short video. I’m up here in central
    NY trying to get Real Estate agencies here to go video

  • tt

    Hey Title Guy – are you still happy with the glidecam now you have used it
    for a while? Choosing a steady/glide/etc cam is a challenge!

  • David Gaskin

    Holy Headroom batman!

  • Stephen Garner

    Yes I am still happy with it but it is a beast to get used to. A change
    from one lens to another or a battery grip throws the whole thing out of
    balance. It’s hard to use but you can’t argue with the result.

  • WhatTechShow

    Great, you should make more videos about how to shoot real estate videos.
    I’m interested in getting into that!

  • Tom Gillen


  • Stephen Garner

    I’ll be releasing new videos soon that go into different types of video
    tripods, sliders, cranes and jib’s for use in real estate videos. I use
    them all in the ones I produce. Thanks for stopping by

  • Stephen Garner

    Yep. I was in a hurry, the way it was shot did not allow me to manipulate
    the framing effectively in post. Love your comment tho. Thanks man

  • Farouk Lens

    I agree with you %100 although for that price point I would go with the
    grand daddy of them all “the Merlin2” try it I think you will like it too.
    great video! Thanks for sharing

  • David Mance

    For the next standup I would suggest a tighter shot of you talking. I
    understand the need to have the space to demonstrate, but the viewer can
    get lost watching the background around and behind you.

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