Get 5 listings a month with AMAZING real estate marketing idea — get more listings and prospects

Get 5 listings a month with AMAZING real estate marketing idea -- get more listings and prospects

Learn more at — we tested numerous ways to generate real estate LISTINGS to get more prospects and leads to fill a listing …

12 top real estate agents share their words of advice to new agents. These 12 top agents averaged 373 homes sold per year with an average sales volume of …


  • Paul Kozumplik

    Please give me your phone number. I am interested in your marketing materials.


  • Antonio Navarro

    greet!!!! am looking for a single house on or near canal 3 or 2 bed must have inlaw sweet ? walking to the FORT MAYERS BEACH MY email is & i canot spend NO MORE THEN 200,000 I HAVE 100,000 TO put down ? 1/30/13 thanks i have no angent yet ? thanks

  • Kay McKinney

    Hello Terry i would be happy to help you with any property needs you may have if your in Alabama !!
    Kay McKinney 256.375.2710
    Lic# 99695

  • Kay McKinney

    Hello Terry i would be happy to help you with any property needs you may have!!
    Kay McKinney 256.375.2710
    Lic# 99695

  • Shiloah Denimore

    Beatty — I’m in your database under a different name (Tery Robertson). Google grabbed my email from an online game I play and “Shiloah” is my name in the game. And I’m absolutely 100% certain I have the correct company. The number that the call came from was 205-263-9607 and it’s absolutely too bad that you lost a potential sale simply because your sales rep was too rude to care to answer my questions. All she cared about was booking an appointment, when I wanted to find out more about you.

  • LA PocketListings

    Great Video! We invite you to subscribe to our channel for daily videos of our exclusive off-market properties before they hit the MLS. Thank you and best of luck!

  • EstateAgentTV

    great interview and some sound advice from the get go – Great Work 🙂 I have subscribed

  • Mark Conway


  • Gale L. Christenson

    great video

  • Celebrityk


  • TopAgentInterviews

    Thanks Joe Ann.  The top agents are always giving back.

  • Joe Ann Green

    Great Information….Good job guys.

  • TopAgentInterviews

    Thanks Christian. We are so lucky that the top agents are willing to share their wisdom.

  • Christian Bohyn


  • TopAgentInterviews

    This is an inspirational video. It shows agents what is possible AND gives awesome advice to new agents just getting started. Why would you want to limit the potential of any new agent? Who are you to say what is possible? For a thousand years, it was believed that no one could run the mile in under 4 minutes. Then Roger Bannister broke the 4 minute mark. Within a few short years dozens of runners beat 4 min. Sometimes just knowing that someone else achieved greatness allows us to do the same.

  • infinite827

    From an ethics standpoint, I think your video needs to be clearer on how these agents sold 300+ homes in a year since you are posting their numbers for sensationalism sake. I know plenty of successful agents who didn’t shift to REOs so that’s a null point, but they aren’t going to be selling 300+ homes a year. The bottom line is disclosure so that new agents don’t think top agents in the private market are going to sell 1268 homes in a year. You might look up Bob Wolff, he’s the real deal.

  • TopAgentInterviews

    Agreed! Thank you for your feedback. Amazingly, these agents are willing to share what they did to get to the top.

  • TopAgentInterviews

    Thank you for your comment. You are correct. Chad’s business is based on “traditional” retail sales. Of course, his production is anything but traditional or normal. Chad became the #1 Agent for Keller Williams Realty in the World (twice) and sold 543 homes in a single year WITHOUT REO. Chad is amazing! His advice is inspiring!

  • TopAgentInterviews

    Thank you for your thoughts. To clarify: 5 of the 12 agents made their mark in REO. 7 are traditional retail agents (referrals, past clients, sphere of influence, door knocking, internet leads, print ads, etc.). The Great Recession of the last 5 years set this in motion. These agents shifted with the market (nothing else was selling)…now many are shifting back. Why not listen to their wisdom? They just survived when most perished. A wise man once said – Get out of judgment and into curiosity.

  • infinite827

    Yes, but REO agents sit at a desk and receive listings from foreclosure entities such as Fannie Mae and HUD. You can’t compare that with the traditional agent. Show me some traditional agents to model after, don’t groom me for the REO business please. Almost all of the agents interviewed are REO agents and that is misleading. That is a special niche which a new agent will not have access to.

  • TopAgentInterviews

    Thanks, Wayne. You have incredible skills. Thank you for sharing your advice during your interview on Top Agent Interviews. You have an incredible story filled with challenges and inspiration.

  • parkyourlicence

    Just found this and it’s excellent!

  • jakereo1127

    I worked with Chad and he did mostly traditional real estate, REOs were a very minor part of his business. He is very successful at what he does and goes out and works hard to earn his business. Just wanted to clarify that. He’s always been ranked highly as one of the top agents in the Austin area.

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