Gee Haw Alaska Real Estate for sale: Aspen Circle, Talkeetna, AK – 2 cabins for sale

Update 3-28-2013: THIS PROPERTY IS SOLD! Please contact us for other great Alaska cabins for sale. UPDATE 3-3-2013: This property is now under contract. For …
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  • CurmudgeonCarl

    Sold in less then 90 days. I guess that says it all. Tutunci is obviously a
    illiterate idiot.

  • IamtheDarkTaco

    Maybe you are not sure about the price of homes/cabins up here. Land is
    cheap. You can get 5 acres for 3k but those are in areas without roads,
    power and electricity but he is not just selling land.

  • nando carpi

    i give you a call : i call you fat butterbean , do you thing that cheating
    on the internet is ok? on today rates those lot of 1 acre worth just 6000
    us dollar. you ask are u insane?? you are insanelly fat that’s true.

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