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Presented by Look Ma!, LLC Internet Video That Drives Business(TM) There is a vast amount of real estate marketing competing for the same eyeballs on the Internet. So how does a real estate agent set themselves, and their clients’ listings, apart from the crowd? Their marketing plan needs to include engagement objects such as pictures, floor plans and video. Video has the unique ability to tell a story that appeals to the eyes, ears and rationale. That’s why over 80% of Internet users watch video (Universal McCann, April 2008). Video also shows up more in Google Universal Search results (Comscore, January 2008). But few real estate agents are using video in their marketing and even fewer are exploring video beyond those picture collages called “virtual tours”. So does your agent use Internet video to market themselves and their home listings? Maybe they should. http


  • jonmanilenio

    this is excellent! thank you very much!

  • videomarketingchris

    Hi Look Ma Video,

    Great video. You are absolutely right. Video is a key marketing element to how people shop these days. We’ve come a long way in how we showcase real estate. The days of 20 words of text and a thumbnail picture of the property in the paper are not over, but marketing with video is an essential element to future successful real estate marketing campaigns.

  • RepInteractiveLLC

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