Four Technology Tips for Real Estate Agents

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Real estate agent training http:/// In this video, real estate coach Tom Ferry gives you four straight-forward tips to use with technology t…


14 Responses to “Four Technology Tips for Real Estate Agents”
  1. Finlay Brewer says:

    Great video, you discuss these tips in an engaging way. Enjoyed watching
    this video.

  2. Ritu Verma says:

    great knowledge..

  3. Mob App says:

    Must to learn for Indian Real Estate people to Earn more… 

  4. Rosie Carroll says:

    OOH, thanks for the tips!

  5. 00bliss58 says:

    You always deliver awesome content with a can do attitude-love it thanks!

  6. EstateAgentTV says:

    cool tips here :) keep up the good work have subscribed

  7. Faith Floeter-Kirsten says:

    Content is good but on board audio is harsh. Please get better audio or ask
    some one that knows how to handle that problem.

  8. John Leitaker says:

    get a new micraphone.

  9. debbiewong28 says:

    Tom, you are as vibrant in person and off stage as you are in the videos –
    you’re authentic and amazing! Thanks for all you do!

  10. Kevin Thomas says:


  11. Marta Walsh says:

    NIce tips :)

  12. Paul Hesch says:

    Tom, are you saying Quara ? cant find them, whats the URL?

  13. Nick B says:

    Thumbs up if you thought he was flicking someone off in the picture.

  14. MPaluba says:


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