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www.raysuarezacademy.com Tel: 305-761-2993 Florida Real Estate School – Real Estate Course Online This online video course will help you prepare to pass the …
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16 Responses to “Florida Real Estate School – Real Estate Course Online”
  1. 12o1 says:

    If you are looking for an online real estate education with earning
    $271,000 in one year.

    PM me.

  2. Jon salazar says:

    Que buen video Grasias. espero segir tus pasos.

  3. Ivan Pamparatto says:

    conosco el libro de real estate de memoria , pero sin embargo ya di tres
    veces el exam y lo pierdo, las preguntas son intendibles, . que hacer

  4. Chris scully says:

    Mortgagor- borrower… Mortgagee- bank

  5. xCuteBunnyx says:

    Thank you so much; I decided to do the online class but it is basically
    reading and then quiz. It is very confusing…

  6. Dave PlugMan says:

    Hello Ray,what real estate test your material cover. in my state we take
    PSI in the national portion of the exam. you cover pretty much everything,i
    just want to make sure if the material matches with the state i reside
    before spending the money.amazing cram study,really love it and well
    explained. To the replies below,look at his intention of helping everyone
    for basically free here in youtube. thank you.

  7. Bernadette Corcoran says:

    I currently enrolled in an online course. I love the way that you teach the
    information. Thank you!

  8. James Brumley says:

    Taking the California Exam this is helping a lot thanks for your time and

  9. artistNexile says:

    What books do you recommend for prepping for the exam? I am looking to get
    in real estate selling and would love to collect a few books to study.

  10. Jeanne Marie Wolfe says:

    Thank you so much. I have been a near wreck about this. I passed the broker
    exam years ago in MA, no problem. Now much older I have been scared of
    forgetting even my name. You are so calm and helpful that you are helping
    me feel not only more knowledgeable but also confident. You must be a good
    person to give so much time to us with your help.

  11. Mrexport Parsa says:

    How do I get to do this course an how much does it cost….thank you


    Thanks for taking time to do these videos…I just graduated from real
    estate school and used a lot of your videos to study! Wish me luck on the
    state exam!

  13. Frenizzle says:

    Both ‘Residential’ and ‘Commercial’ are misspelled in your first slide.

  14. mer0106 says:

    Hola Ray, muchas gracias por tus videos. Me vienen al pelo 😉 Estoy
    preparandome para la licensia en TN. Veo que hay algunas diferencias sobre
    FL. Debo saberlas igual para el examen? Muchas gracias por tu contestacion.

  15. J J Cho says:

    loving your videos. Good job

  16. cali2092007 says:

    @Frenizzle spelled in spanish bud

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