Florida real estate crash #86 from the bright and sunny cesspool, Cape Coral.

Florida real estate crash #86 from the bright and sunny cesspool, Cape Coral.

A Florida neighborhood obviously suffering from the real estate crash.
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  • MoMoMyPup10

    You did a good job of showing the less built up/least appealing areas of
    Cape Coral. It’s a very big area. There are many really nice areas there as
    well, with high end neighborhoods and housing, mostly near the water but
    not exclusively. It never really took off as a “Florida hotspot” but I’d
    rather live there than most inland Florida towns. Also, when you pan your
    camera you may want to go slower so the viewer gets a better look at the

  • CapeCorallistings

    Sold in 03/13 for $214K and flipped/sold in 05/13 for $294.5K…Cape Coral
    is a ghost town indeed…Nothing is happening there :-)

  • sillyman68

    yep according to zillow
    Bedrooms:3 beds
    Bathrooms:3 baths
    Single Family:2,853 sq ft
    Lot:0.41 acres
    Year Built:2006
    Last Sold:May 2013 for $294,500
    Heating Type:Forced air

  • Steve G

    Lol, the bicycle is the kids that ride the bus, rah rah this dumbo

  • Whutaguy

    funny that this thing was once worth over half a million dollars, sold for
    74k in 2004, and just sold two months ago for 295k.

  • DJ Bill Gates

    SWFL is recovering quite well. Our house already has 100K in equity. Cape
    Coral is only 57 years young. Hertz headquarters moving to Estero, Gartner
    adding jobs.

    Yes it crashed hard but it is starting to boom again.

  • indyfan22k

    I’d be worried the COPs would be called on me. You could get charged with
    being w Bulgur even without the intent.

  • trey davis

    Florida is just one very extremely large republican Detroit

  • EconCat88

    @jvolstad I’d rather see them serving ice cream, for they sugar-coat things
    very well.

  • Derek Robertson

    1. Any chance you could film by scanning the video camera slowly as you
    cannot see what you are talking about ? 2. Do not give address details on
    here as you are inviting the scavengers. 3. The people there who sold the
    home owner the unrealistic dream and a probably totally overpriced dream
    should get their own homes taken of them.

  • diezeled

    Hell, I’d buy that place, how much? I’m a cash buyer.

  • jvolstad

    @EconCat88 Are you still in China? Going to bring back some housing videos?

  • CapeCoral67

    It’s impossible to plant anything on a vacant lot in Cap Coral unless you
    own it and tell the City not to mow your lot. They come by and mow all the
    unimproved property spaces with supersize mowers about once a month.

  • EconCat88

    @mrmilleniumproof Mrmproof, you have the right attitude about this
    situation. Realtors will ALWAYS say it’s a good time to buy. Realtors shill
    more than any group of people.

  • jvolstad

    What are the Realtors doing now? Just drive through a fast food drive-in.
    You will see them serving up burgers.

  • tacitus7

    great work. Enjoyed the video.

  • EconCat88

    @jvolstad Not really I’ve been mostly relaxing here but I do have some
    funny traffic videos. If I can get Nigel to go with me, I’m going to get
    some footage of that large empty mall in Guangdong Province next week.

  • Cj Buckley

    how the hell is that house not looted by now ? in vegas a property is
    stripped within 24 hours

  • Marshal Stockburn

    And another thing, with the hurricanes, WHY are the utilities above ground?
    Electric and phone lines should be underground, like gas lines. We just
    need 1600-1800sf ft , 3 bed, 2 bath, 2 car, not to far away from VA medical
    facilities. Sarasota is to expensive so we will be looking in Punta Gorda,
    Port Charlotte, North Port area unless those of you who are boots on the
    ground think we should look someplace else. Need to stay under 100K. THANKS

  • me2995

    @EconCat88 Hmmm, it looks so cool with all these channels, looks like you
    can boat straight to the ocean. 🙂 Any reason no-one wants to live there,
    or is it just over supply?

  • EconCat88

    If Zillow says it’s worth 219k, 1/3 less than that is probably a realistic
    price for a cash buyer. There are numerous similar homes in the area that
    are abandoned/empty.

  • smasila

    You gotta do a vid in Cali…i hear its much worse than this.

  • timetrader57

    Really disturbing to see that house for so many reasons. Thanks for showing
    it. Be careful. Even if the house was given away, I’m not sure many people
    could afford the utilities on a house like that.

  • mja2035

    Another horrendous loss, so sorry to see.

  • me2995

    @EconCat88 Thanks, makes perfect sense. So I’ll need a boat AND a
    generator. LOL Just saw, most of these empty plots, waterfront, are around
    18K. Many houses sold in that area for just above 100K.

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