Flat fee MLS listing works

http://www.bergproperties.com Would an extra 00 interest to you – if you KNEW you could sell your home yourself? Selling your house yourself or paying ,…
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  • Nathan Blewett

    Everybody is trying to reinvent the wheel, but in the end you get what you pay for. There’s a reason it cost thousands of dollars to become and stay an “active Realtor”.

  • Andrew Thompson

    Do buyers still learn about properties from the newspaper? Do you want to be advertised in the newspaper? Do you want to allow easy access to your home? Are you going to be home everyday and every hour of the day? Buyers that have the least amount of time to view your property are the ones who generally have the most amount of money. These buyers could show up any time! If you list your property yourself and everyone followed you do you think you will have recent sale information? ….

  • StrizzyEntertainment

    not a fan of this to be honest. It’s like saying why go see a doctor to get surgery done when you can do it yourself. You’re totally undermining the amount of work that does go into evaluating, selling, listing, advertising, showing and getting maximum exposure that an agent does. Not to mention the time and effort it takes to become a licensed realtor and do well at it. If you want to save some money but potentially take forever to sell your home then go this route.

  • calmeaj

    i dont know what 8,000 dollars is

  • flatfeemlsworks

    Let us know when you do! 🙂

  • flatfeemlsworks

    Thanks for the kind words they are appreciated. We value our customers and pride ourselves on the level of service and savings we are able to provide

  • flatfeemlsworks

    Thanks for your input

  • Hiving Vonning

    HOME STAGING 101 could HELP you sell your HOME yourself for the TOP PRICE. sincere regards dear mortgage owners.

  • fieldsw1000

    This is a very accurate video. Berg Properties helped us sell our home and we couldn’t be more pleased with their process and level of service. If we had a question, expert advice was just an email away (usually minutes). They were there holding our hand the whole time and we would use them again in a heartbeat! Highly recommended and I like the money they saved us.

  • Stacy Dale

    Great video. I wish I had a house to sell!

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