Find commercial real estate listings

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Find commercial real estate listings

Do you know where to find commercial real estate listings? Please note that you are at the right place. On our listings you can all buy house cheap such as real estate apartments, beach houses etc. Have you ever come across a property or home owner who wants much money to be paid for the property? Welcome to the real world, it happens all the time to real estate experts. The question is would you like to see our listings or not? Do you take the listings or not? Will the customer reduce the cost to a more realistic level quickly so the listing does not stagnate on the market?

The pricing difficulty arises because most property owners think that they paid a good cost for the property and they want their money back plus an extra.

In their view time escalates the assets value (even if it is only a few years!). In their view prices do not go back when it comes to their wonderful assets. Well the conflicting is the case and prices do go backward for all sorts of reasons. The recent global monetary crisis in many countries has proven that.

Keep in mind that you do not have to list a property just because the client wants to list it with you or your agency. Protect your time and protect your status. Remember that an unsold property that is on the market for a long time will have impact on your reputation. It is better to be known for listing and selling a few good properties than listing lots of poor listings that are expensive

Before you take the expensive listing on there are a couple of considerations that you are required to make given that it’s your time that will be taken in the marketing of the expensive property.

Take into consideration these questions:
Would it be better to let some other mediators take the listing at the inflated price and waste their time?
Can you come in later after the other mediator has remained unsuccessful with the property, thereby allowing you to condition the seller to a more reasonable price?
Will the client lessen the price quickly and soon if enquiry is low?
What range will the client drop the price to if they are to make the property more commercial?
How long have you got the listing for and is it long enough to match the customer to the market?

My theory is that the customers are not always right when it comes to price and the way to challenge them on their price theory is to propose that they put the property up for sale at public sale. Tell the client that the public sale method is the best way to get the best price that exists in the market today.

If the client is serious on selling the property and if they think their property is as good as they make it out to be, then they will not be frightened of the public sale process. One final thing needs to be said and done here. The broker funded marketing campaigns are necessary and the money for that campaign has to be paid before you start the marketing.

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