Ellen’s Got Real Estate Tips

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Ellen's Got Real Estate Tips

She knows a thing or two about buying houses, and she’s sharing some of her knowledge with you!

Zhang Xin: China's real estate mogul

How did Zhang Xin go from working in a sweatshop to being a billionaire real estate developer? Lesley Stahl reports. Watch more HERE: http://www.cbsnews.com/video/ Don’t forget to SUBSCRIBE!…
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50 Responses to “Ellen’s Got Real Estate Tips”
  1. Kimberly says:

    Is that lady at 0:26 behind the girl in the purple in the front checking
    out her boobs?

  2. Mikayla says:

    Thumbs up if you love Ellen as much as i do! <3333

  3. Joe Miyori says:

    Under 301st viewer yeah

  4. Terry Murray says:

    Let shaytards be on Ellen !!!!

  5. Matheus de Marchi says:

    Under 10 views????? My god I need a Life!!!

  6. Fernanda Westrup says:

    10th comment Yaaaa

  7. Amanda Ripa says:

    Seller is motivated… Not to mention it has 2 and a half bathrooms.

  8. Nandini Kohli says:


  9. basma dahbour says:

    I love u ellen i wish i can met u btw yay im less than the 100 view yay 

  10. dewan718 says:

    Those are soo true. Ellen is right.

  11. Mahealani Girl says:

    Lol not even 100 views?? Damn this just came out

  12. Munir Taha says:

    under 25 pretty good!!!!!

  13. Tim Duncan says:

    big-boned means fat

  14. GoldenApple HackerVEVO says:

    First pussies

  15. SurrealKangaroo says:

    I wonder if the 2 bedrooms/5 bathrooms one was a typo. 

  16. Sean says:

    How does one acquire 2.5 bathrooms

  17. ryan stewart says:

    Oh My Gosh im the third one to watch this video !!!!! Yay me

  18. William Woller says:

    Here are ten facts:

    Fact 1: You’re reading this

    Fact 2: You’re sick and tired of these kind of comments

    Fact 3: I was lying about ten facts

  19. Patricia Robertson says:

    One day Ellen I will be able to afford a house, you are the funniest person
    on the planet, with love that matches Ghandi and wealth that matches Oprah.
    I am from Glasgow, a writer about to go to university with no money, but
    got accepted over the phone in 10 mins.

  20. andakasapi@gmail.com Valdeta says:

    Oh gosh, i though it said Tits instead of tips! I was like WTF??!?
    And after seeing that there was nothing going on with tits, i saw the title
    once more and i was like: Ohhhh so thats what this is all about

  21. if0rg1v3ul says:

    first comment. :p 

  22. Makeup Lover123 says:

    My Friend Said he Hated Ellen
    He Got Run Overed By A Bus
    I Lost My bus Driver License

  23. Lucy Sandra says:

    Ellen is very smart,’cause she is able to me you laugh and at the same time
    make easy money–i wonder how many people have started to look for those
    real estates,–am one of them

  24. Chitown Kk says:

    Wooop woop not planning on buying a house anytime soon because im amazingly
    broke BUT i love ellen SO much that i even watched this real estate tip
    video xD

  25. Atiya Farhana says:

    That video by cocacola was wow and so touching♡♥♡

  26. mandy li says:

    When she said everyone in China are crazy for democracy. Does she really
    mean that? I cannot understand where her idea comes from.

  27. james lamp says:

    China is the place to be right now.

  28. 駱寒刃 says:

    The characteristics of China is fake food,poison milk powder, extreme

  29. Anna bella says:

    she deserve everything she has, she suffered through hard times, but made a
    great life for herself. congrats!

  30. law oggy says:

    WE CHINESE need more democracy than anything else? SCREW YOU UP!

  31. laken1804 says:

    Zhang Xin is a great lady. Courageous!

  32. 駱寒刃 says:

    The characteristics of China is fake food,poison milk powder, extreme

  33. Hunter Butler says:

    first largest economy now, if it wasn’t already.

  34. rysha54 says:

    Those workers probably have no job security, disability, retirement, or
    fair wages. They work long days for very little. China is not interested
    in sustainable living.

  35. villa teng says:

    Great woman

  36. IndiaRockLovers says:

    what is said about china is absolutely true its just huge its crazy and it
    like a cluster of buildings like a cluster of bacteria culture and everyone
    of it is huge, its huge to the power huge.

  37. Blitzviewer says:


  38. King Levy says:

    From here it begins…….

  39. Pool Guy says:

    There is something very attractive about her!

  40. David Cooper says:

    Zhang Xin: China’s real estate mogul

  41. Brad Thompson says:


  42. priyanka rajan says:

    Zhang Xin: China’s real estate mogul

  43. Maduranga Sirisena says:
  44. Bill William says:


  45. Westosha AP Geo says:

    Today we finished talking about the Central Place Theory and notes sheet.
    The powerpoint is a few slides down along with the notes sheet if you were
    absent. We also watched this clip and answered some questions.
    Zhang Xin: China’s real estate mogul

  46. hanni6022 says:

    I wish I was rich

  47. Pali Aha says:

    Two intelligent, charming and attractive women!

  48. Msmystictraveler says:

    She’s very grounded and Real. Good or you

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