Deric Lipski vs a Really tough Expired Listing Cold Call LIVE!!!

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Deric Lipski vs a Really tough Expired Listing LIVE!!! This was one of the toughest calls i have had in a while, Deric lipki just keep pushing threw and tried being polite on the way but, after…


23 Responses to “Deric Lipski vs a Really tough Expired Listing Cold Call LIVE!!!”
  1. Guy Zandler says:

    Man, I wish I knew what happened with this listing.

  2. Juston Hawkins says:

    That was an exceptional expired conversation. Watched it this morning got
    me pumped! Got on calls right after first call and an appointment! way to
    overcome every objection! Thanks for sharing. 

  3. Holf Amino says:


  4. S. Alexander says:

    “I’m still gonna get in ta heaven” (jersey accent) LOL!!!

  5. Bud Leiser says:

    Amazing! How do hang in there and not get frustrated (to the point of
    quitting) with these people? 

  6. Jacob Rubnitz says:

    I watch your live cold calls to warm up before I make mine. Your call back
    was just epic in this, bro. 

  7. Jeff Coats says:

    That was awesome! I love how you are looking at your scripts too! Love love
    love this video!

  8. Alessandra Burenin says:

    WOW! Impressive!! I would have loved to be there at that appointment. How
    did it go?

  9. Nick Rebezniuk says:

    Amazing Work!! More videos please!!!

  10. Christine Kitson says:

    Theres another video where he follows up. I don’t remember, but it’s what
    led me here in the first place.

  11. Ville John says:

    wow, that was incredible.

  12. Willie du Toit says:

    I know you did this a long time ago but this is excellent? I am
    flabbergasted at 2:45 where you brought the kids in the whole family
    aspect, not once even until now (2.45 here i am at) have you ever asked why
    or explained how you can help this womenso she could reject you. You
    absolutely led her do all the talking just by steering her. Mastervelous!
    From everything I saw on You tube, man my life this is the best I ever saw!

  13. Alex Hagoian says:


  14. Majesty Bautista says:

    You are UNBELIEVABLE! I wish I could talk to people like that. You’re very
    persistent and convincing. Just WOW.

  15. Enrico Caschetta says:

    can you post a video of what you do once you go into the listing?

  16. Joseph Krzywicki says:

    Inspirational to see your heart passionate about helping. It came through
    and your approach was tough love and challenging to help them make the
    right decision for them for the right reason and you backed it up with some
    personal reasons. Great call! 

  17. 23v0lv32 says:

    aah yes. the grease is strooong with this one

  18. Jacob Rubnitz says:

    “Right. Obviously you would.” hahahaha. 

  19. Ajiee Anderson says:

    I like your approach. What happened at the appointment? 

  20. Nick Welch says:

    good agent would not waste this much time on one lead… he probably didn’t
    list it… showing off for nothing … 

  21. TheJd124 says:

    That Pixar rip off is definitely going to get you sued lol

  22. Pete Rodriguez says:

    Good Job!!!

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