Crumpler Seven-Million Dollar Home Camera Bag (Review)

My thoughts on the crumpler seven million dollar bag. There are many positive aspects about this bag. Feel free to like, if you enjoyed the video, and even p…
Video Rating: 4 / 5


  • Henri Väisänen

    Check the webstore they have a different products but the build quality is eqaully as good.

  • nzangl75

    Why i can buy this bag not in germany 🙁

  • Dan L

    Hi, can the bag fit a 60D with 70-200 f4 IS attached?

  • lionslanephotography

    You probably could adjust the inserts to support that setup but It would be difficult to strap the macbook to one side inside the bag without it moving, if it were me wouldnt do it, just check out the 8 million dollar home. thanks for comment

  • TheEIements

    if i am just putting a d3100 w/kit lens and a 70-300 VR will i have enough room for a 13 inch macbook?

  • lionslanephotography

    Thanks for the comment btw but it really doesnt have a compartment for a laptop or a netbook, its strictly a camera bag couldn’t even fit a small journal for contacts. If you really need one with a laptop compartment check out the 8 million dollar bag by crumpler, it may work for you but it was too bulky for me thanks again 😀

  • antihak

    One question, does it have a laptop compartment!? or a place for an a4 size notebook for college use!? cheers man good review and good gear!

  • decas115aaf

    You have better gear than your brother!

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