Creating Craigslist Ads for Investor Real Estate Marketing Campaigns

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RehabList ( ) Director of Marketing, Bruce Prokopets, discusses real estate investment marketing strategies all investors should impl…
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25 Responses to “Creating Craigslist Ads for Investor Real Estate Marketing Campaigns”
  1. PhiloAmericana says:

    You need to shave. You look like shit. That is not professional.

  2. Nicholas Prusinowski says:

    Thanks for the video! What are your thoughts on tracking all of the Ad

  3. Drew Nolting says:

    Good information. Also be sure to check your “spam” box for craigslist
    e-mails. I have lost many good leads by e-mails that have been routed to my
    spam box. Also I dislike the fact that you have no way of tracking page
    views on craigslist.

  4. Mary Stead says:

    Excellent information as always, thank you.

  5. Ruby Bennett says:

    Hi, thank you for the great info. It is very helpful to myself and my
    We are interested in setting up a team in another part of the country. Our
    area is spendy and since we have basically no cash we are planning to work
    in another area. We don’t know exactly how to do that. I know we need
    several people in order to be successful but how do we find them? How do
    we know what areas of a town is best? Without seeing the properties how
    can we be sure we are putting our efforts in the right place? Also, I
    understand that most investors use the same products for all improvements.
    Are there folks who would share their lists of products with newbies?
    Thank you,
    Ruby and Debby


    As an educational tool…I thought it was beneficial as long as you are
    fairly familiar with the items discussed.
    Personally I truly enjoyed the information and the ENERGY!


  7. Val Falcon says:

    Hey Frank, can you list the topic on the initial emails, so we can choose
    what we need, thanks, Keep up the good work.

  8. maccuban8 says:

    Very good information… I appreciate you taking the time to put this video

  9. commercialmats says:

    These are some great reminders that people just forget about a lot of time.
    Especially since everyone is thinking that online marketing is the only way.

  10. mrspeedsterz says:

    He’s such a goofball

  11. Ethan Jarrell says:

    Thanks for posting this video. Very helpful information! We are currently
    trying to implement some of these ideas into our business plan.

  12. ifginc says:

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  13. maccuban8 says:

    A friend of mine used you guys and made 100K even with a down economy.. I
    will be ordering my kit soon. Thanks guys!

  14. bruceprokopets says:

    You guys can find me at facebook just search bruceprokopets for more great
    marketing info

  15. skeetmoses says:

    Great stuff! I’m trying to get into the re investing game and having a hard
    time getting quality leads to call.

  16. Kent Swig says:

    Informative. Not bad.

  17. Arsene Remy says:

    great content. keep it up

  18. bizopclothing says:

    It’s all about the marketing strategy.

  19. hairytoothgaming says:

    Good reminders, but mostly traditional marketing methods. He needs some new
    content with more creative marketing methods.

  20. tyrone rideout says:

    Great info

  21. Robert L Jensen and Associates Property Management says:

    Great real estate investing advice #UN#

  22. markbradleyvideos says:

    Enjoyed this video! Looking forward to view more of your comprehensive
    videos. Thanks!

  23. skeetmoses says:

    In anything you do you need to be well educated in it and plan for the

  24. Randall Fujinaka says:

    Do you guys do direct mail?.. didn’t see that.

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