Commercial Real Estate Investing ? It’s Really Great

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Commercial Real Estate Investing ? It’s Really Great

Commercial real estate investing, with the exception of apartment buildings, was something I never seriously considered when I began learning about investing 7 years ago. I started reading about holding rental property for “equity” and “net worth” back when people would pursue buying single-family rentals under market value and then refinancing and pulling cash out. That strategy is for the most part a thing of the past. Banks don’t like to refinance anymore, and lending laws have made it tough on investors pursuing those tactics.

My main focus is on the bread-and-butter single family houses, with values between $ 80 – $ 150k in two counties local to me in South Carolina. I know these areas fairly well, and will master them within 6 months through doing more deals and my networking connections.

I wholesale them to local and national investors, and keep some for positive cash-flow through lease-options and seller financing, with a minimum profit of 5k for wholesales and 10k when cashed out of the lease-options. I will continue this focus in my area, adding to my growing list of out of area buyers.

What has changed is that I will now add mobile home parks to the commercial real estate mix, and will pursue them in my state. South Carolina has one of the highest amounts of mobile homes and mobile home parks in the country, with several manufacturers located here. As a way of generating cash-flow, it is almost unsurpassed.

Some points to consider:
1) Mobile homes can be bought very inexpensively compared to houses.
2) Once the park is established with electricity, sewer, water, etc.

it is efficient to then add more mobile homes, thus increasing revenue.
3) The mobile homes can be park-owned and leased to tenants for very reasonable rates while still providing a great return to the investor.

Commercial real estate, especially mobile homes was definitely not my first thought as a new investor and not what I would call glamorous. But in the beginning, I am based for the most part out of my local market, and for my short-term goals, cash-flow is king!

My future vision accelerated by the above commercial real estate strategy is:
After about 2 years of building up financial reserves, move into larger commercial real estate ventures. I’m thinking condo development with the goal of investing in high rise property on waterfronts along the coast of South Carolina.

These will be higher-end properties, with full amenities located on the properties themselves – including grocery stores, dry-cleaning, and restaurants. There will be an area within each building allotted to families who are newly immigrated to the United States, where they will be given assistance learning the culture and language, job training, and other forms of help. Also, there will be a daycare area for the children of building employees, and possibly condo owners. The buildings will be connected to more shopping, a pool, and sports areas.

In ten years, I will be investing in specialized resort areas in tropical climates (coastal Latin America, parts of Africa, Cambodia, and Polynesia). Here we will offer some very unique opportunities for vacationers to contribute through volunteerism to the local area through medical, educational, and technological contributions.

Now that’s what I call a “vacation”: Enjoying the scenery – while giving back to the community! And thinking back and realizing this all came about through initially investing in commercial real estate via mobile home parks will be icing on the cake

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