Coldwell Banker Real Estate Agents caught having sex in empty house

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Robert Lindsay And Jeannemarie Phelan Sued Over Alleged ‘Sexual Escapades’ In Vacant House. A pair of New Jersey realtors are being taken to court after hidd…
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25 Responses to “Coldwell Banker Real Estate Agents caught having sex in empty house”
  1. 1878EFC2008 says:

    Fuck me, house prices in America are insane.

    That house in England would be about $5m. 

  2. Felix Frost says:

    Thats it im installing cameras everywhere before I leave..who knows..with
    some luck I may sell it to redtube

  3. CrismaFire says:

    Wonder what her husband thought. Both are cheap scum. Let them try and find
    a reputable real estate company to sell for now.

  4. Deleuzeshammerflow says:

    so what…..what did they hurt?

  5. bamkablam says:

    The homeowner is clearly jealous that the realtor is getting laid and he

  6. mbigboyny says:

    Smash time

  7. Zatamazal says:

    Still a better love story than ‘Twilight’.

  8. Dan Smith says:

    I don’t see what the problem is? If I had the keys to homes like that I
    would be bangin whores till the cows came home.

  9. Kimberly Johnson says:

    Well, did they lose their license? IG not. I can see from the guy’s
    comments on here that they have a secret fantasy of this being them taking
    some woman to a place like this. They’re mad @ the guy who was the
    homeowner for giving up his player card… 

  10. Real Estate With Broussard Brothers says:

    real estate with Broussard brothers

  11. Trinavara says:

    What’s the problem here? Just human nature,lol..I’m sure if he had gotten a
    top dollar sale,this would be a non-issue. But hey,he saved a buck,lol…

  12. sunniski says:

    Somebody got some… Oh No…call the media.. quick…. somebody got
    screwed and it wasn’t me….Help…911…. Exploit

  13. Cloud Seeker says:


  14. gurumeo bonilla says:

    Cant turn a hoe into house wife. Perfect example

  15. Felix Frost says:

    Thats it im installing cameras everywhere before I leave..who knows..with
    some luck I may sell it to redtube

  16. SabrinaSpellman says:

    This is news worthy?

  17. Tom zxzu says:

    Leave them alone for christs sake..the dude is lucky she is one hot milf

  18. DDD says:

    i wouldn’t even care so long as i wasn’t home and the girl was at least a
    hard 6. this homeowner is a dick for putting this on the news. hope you
    enjoyed your 15 minutes of fame douchebag.

  19. George Adamo says:

    This video makes me ashamed to hold a BA in Media/Journalism. Those poor
    brokers…with such amazing track records…getting FIRED (?!) over this?
    The owner clearly wanted his 15 minutes of fame…and got them. But, would
    you be proud of THOSE 15 mins? I hope the agents are on to bigger and
    better things.

  20. JWSoul says:

    Makes me laugh plp are believed to be good at a job like this…. You
    either want the house or not not much some idiot can do to persuade you
    joke job easy and lame. 

  21. Ki B says:

    Hell Yeah now that’s what I’m talking about.

  22. renge99O9 says:

    HA… She likes the old balls, and not her husbands. =-D

  23. dicbyrd says:

    Id tap that in the kitchen

  24. what a world says:

    Whores are everywhere–even in other people’s homes.
    These cheap blonds are underfoot.

  25. lightyears2go says:

    thorough reporting. good job, Inside Edition.

    if any news story is autotune-worthy, it’s this one. lots to comment on:
    Weiner needs to relax; he appears stiff
    2:42, cheating with wedding ring on? for shame
    the agents will be approached by porn producers in the near future to
    reenact their tryst. if they decline, actors in their likeness will be hired
    there will be a big, booming demand/market for real estate porn

    on a final, serious note: i’m suddenly curious for real estate porn..

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