Cob Houses – Live Debt Free with Sustainable Development

Sustainable Development – Photos of cob homes that I took on the West Coast of Canada.
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  • RandomCandle

    I’m confused. Some of these pictures are pictures I’ve seen of strawbale houses?

  • lilly2874

    OMGGGGG These are amazingly beautiful! I want one! These aren’t legal, are they? It’s like looking at a modern day Bed Rock!

  • Oak Hart

    when I see sustainable development I think of evil agenda 21 which isn’t your intention I know. What a wonderful beautiful house. me wantee

  • dramrack

    That last house was fantastic.

  • SavWahFair

    I am SOOOOOO in LOVE !!!!

  • Kira Jimenez

    sustainable? where? how?…….

  • 14omega28ok

    By the way. I read your comment again and just wanted to say

    Humans are adept to ANY environment. We humans spawn every corner of this globe. From the Warm Forest and scorching deserts of Africa to the freezing cold, harsh wilderness of Canada and Alaska.

    We’ve conquered every environment we live in and not only survived; We thrived.

    So if you’re going to use “Science” to back up your claims first work on getting your facts straight kid.

  • nomebear

    Informative video. Thanks!

  • 14omega28ok

    I’ve never seen a single scene out of The Lord of The Rings and don’t care to either lol.

  • LitVoyage

    I think this sort of house would appeal to the Lord of the Rings people (yes, that’s what I call them). I like it, as well, but I think they would really go for this.

  • Exiles800


  • 14omega28ok

    Cob is a building material. Just like Wood, Brick, or Concrete.

    It doesn’t solve the worlds problems. It’s a personal preference.

    The hate coming from some people is outrageously stupid. Nobody ever claimed it “Solved the worlds problems” or “Created a Utopia” Hell the guy who reinvented Cob and brought it to the states said himself it doesn’t solve anything but opens a gate to a alternative way of living.

    Get a clue people. Think for yourselves.

  • 14omega28ok

    How is a personal choice to build from a mixture of Mud, Sand, and Straw.. Incorrect behavior?

    How exactly? What is wrong with people trying to find a easier, Cheaper, and Healthier way to build a home?

    You make a broad and generalized statement without providing any facts.. hell, you didn’t provide anything to give reason as to what you said.

  • 14omega28ok

    The problem is I can see you have no Scientific knowledge to back yourself up with. You’re making these assumptions based on what YOU think. Not Scientific data.

    The statement that Cob isn’t green or Healthy is blatantly wrong. Because building from Earth is much better for not only our Health but for the Environment. No matter how popular it becomes. With standard housing we’re simply destroying our life line. Plus the amount of toxic materials in standard houses is outrageous.

  • 14omega28ok

    Can you read? Honest to god question. You seem to entirely miss the point of my comment.

    If I ever did this it would be for ME and MY personal health. Not for YOU or ANYBODY else. But for ME.

    There is no Utopia to it. It comes from MY desire to get away from the greedy materialistic way of life. It would satisfy ME and the cost is little.

    I was raised in a very nature Centered simple way, and > I < want to get back to that because this life I live now doesn't satisfy me.

  • ChristianRemedyInLaw

    This is not a judgement. The thought was nice, but reading the comments below the video show the true nature of some people (IE “14omega28ok”) since it appears that nobody can point out the truth and facts in law, as “Exiles800” does, without being attacked by those who are ignorant that their false beliefs misrepresent the facts in law all day long. Some people will simply rationalize their incorrect behavior forever. It’s sad, but what can you do when you live in a zoo? —- Mladen

  • Exiles800

    The science of fragmentation and disappearance of open space for one. You are just repeating the original euphoria of those who developed America. They came to a virgin land and announced they were free and proceded to develop the vast open space of America while denouncing the costs and restriction of the European nations they fled from. You are now running from the end result of that euphoria and replacing it with yet another offer of freedom by developing open space. I’m not the brainwashed 1

  • Exiles800

    There’s a lot of assumption there. You have no idea who I am yet you assume I’m a corporate sheep. You have a lot of anger but you don’t really say very much. You shoud realize you’re proving my point for me and that the sale of cob housing as a rural Utopia is something that depends on development of wild places. Your statement that cob housing has no negative effect isn’t true by sound (honest) science. I’ve seen people like you before. You’re typical and just want to angrily bullshit it OK.

  • 14omega28ok

    It’s not all about going green you ignorant ass. For me it’s not anyway. Besides these houses would have very little if any impact on local environment.

    Some people believe it or not are not City Dwellers who have succumbed to a life of nothing more than being sheep for big name companies like you. (By the way, that Iphone you have is American)

    Some, like me, want to get as far away from Modern Society as possible. Get back in touch with the natural peaceful way of living I grew up on.

  • umaxen01

    Only a tiny fraction of society could build these homes since our natural resources will soon be depleted. We need to build homes out of recyclable materials which can be remanufactured 100’s of times (aluminum, glass or clay) and build so that the interior area of the home DO NOT need to be directly heated or cooled. A 6″ wall, floor and ceiling cavity would do the trick and cost 5% of what it does today to heat and cool a typical home.

  • William Coleman

    I like the idea….hat do I have to do….where do I get the plans,,,,please RESPOND TO WECORET1985@GMAIL.COM

  • radarlove007

    I feel your pain. I wish I had done something like this. I really like the cement dome homes and earth ships!

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