Circle C | Circle C Ranch Austin | Circle C Austin Homes for Sale | Circle C Ranch Real Estate Looking for Information on Circle C or Circle C Ranch in Austin? Want to hear about the latest Circle C Ranch Austin housing numbers? Listen in for an Austin Realty Update covering Circle C Ranch with top Austin Realtor Kevin Cottrell of Re Max Austin Skyline. This following is a transcript of the interview covering the latest housing sales data for Circle C, including year to date numbers through June 30, 2012 and a comparison of 2012 vs. 2011 from Circle C Austin real estate expert Kevin Cottrell from Re Max Austin Skyline.Interviewer: Stephanie Kelsey CombsDate — July 19, 2012Stephanie: Welcome to the latest Austin realty update. This is Stephanie Kelsey Combs. I’m here with Kevin Cottrell. Kevin is one of the top realtors in Austin and he’s affiliated with Re-Max Austin Skyline. Kevin, you were actually in St. Louis for about 4 years before you moved back to Austin, Texas and I understand you were one of the top 10 agents out of 8000 agents in the board in St. Louis. Anything you want to add to that Kevin?Kevin: Sure. I’m actually pretty excited about this particular Austin Realty update. A little background on me, I originally moved to Austin in 1997, and was affiliated in the early 2000s with Keller Williams Austin. I moved to St. Louis and started a real estate team and co-founded the largest independent brokerage in St Louis. This was in 2006. But Kevin before we get really started about Austin housing and Austin house sale

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