Chateau Castle for Sale in France ! Unique Amazing Luxury Property !

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29 Responses to “Chateau Castle for Sale in France ! Unique Amazing Luxury Property !”
  1. Friðrik Stefánsson says:

    gorgeous ,,,,hallo from reykjavik, iceland

  2. Abraham Kohler says:

    probably costs in excess of £1 million to run per year

  3. james ruf says:

    no way is this 2500 square foot, what is house square foot? 

  4. Mircea Costiniuc says:


  6. McRinne Vera Cruz says:

    I’m gonna buy this one for my pet cat and dog

  7. hannesjepannesje says:

    It is mine, i bought it yesterday.

  8. Jane Smith says:

    So when can I get my keys?

  9. kaunas88 says:

    Beware the French tax liability.

  10. Sarah Smyth-Jones says:

    What a Lovely Chateau! WOW!!!

  11. Hank memiggen says:

    It was inherited to me by a distant relative. 

  12. La Citation du Jour says:

    Superb !!

  13. Jupiter Sun Mars says:
  14. MrMauidreamer says:

    You may need a 15 minutes walk to the dinning room.

  15. andré rasemont says:

    Bon j’ai compris, il est a vendre.

  16. andré rasemont says:

    Non ne me dites pas que cette belle demeur fin du 19ème siècle, est
    Si oui bien cacher sa situation. Quel beaux parquets en marquetterie! 

  17. Luxurious Chateaux in France says:
  18. aftereffectsden says:
  19. Luxurious Chateaux in France says:
  20. Luxurious Chateaux in France says:
  21. Ignite your Account Now says:
  22. اسامة دكنوش says:
  23. Lone Ranger says:

    I miss your street drive tour videos’s Christophe..!

  24. Khu NoPie says:

    Great presentation CC! You forgot to mention that your “kids” are adorable
    little munchkin chihuahuas! The Real Chihuahuas of 90210 ™

  25. espn0o says:

    Amazing presentation

  26. Melicia says:

    what a small pool

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