Charlotte Virtual Home Tours Interview

Professional real estate photography is of paramount importance when listing your home for sale in Charlotte, NC. Cal Mitchener with Charlotte Virtual Home T…

I made this vid as an example of what I can do to showcase your house for sale in Balto,MD. Something pictures cannot. I used a slider and panning video head…


  • Scott Hartis

    How important is professional photography when selling your home? Here is
    an interview I shot with a professional real estate photographer in
    Charlotte, NC about the process he uses to shoot and edit excellent images.

  • BenGarrisonRealtor

    Very nice video Scott – and the images speak for themselves – just
    beautiful. I would find this very compelling as a home seller. Well done!

  • BatonRouge HousingNews

    Awesome video Scott. Amazing photos. Thank you for sharing.

  • Jeff Rose

    Well shot video. Great stuff.

  • Stephen Garner

    Great video! The pictures are amazing, your equipment is awesome too

  • Shane Johnston

    I couldn’t agree with you more …professional photo’s and video are key!

  • Rebecca Happy

    10% use professional photographers and are usually the most
    successful..interesting stats

  • nourizu

    Nice video. I’m going to buy the 11-16mm lens also soon for real estate
    videos. i’m glad I came across your video.. it’s the kind of example I was
    looking for.

  • mafew129

    great stuff. this is defiantly a desirable skill when it comes to selling

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