Charlotte, NC Real Estate – For Sale by Owner – What you need to know

Are you a For Sale By Owner out there trying to sell on your own? Are you struggling to find a qualified buyer? See the video to find out why. Charlotte, NC …
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  • Richard Cooper

    Great video I sent you a private message with my contact info to get a
    relocation packet from you!

  • savehouses

    Great Video! I commend you on your honesty. This is a great way to approach
    your business model as a real estate agent. I was an agent in California,
    and saw many agents unethically taking advantage of the FSBO market. As an
    investor, now living in the Charlotte NC area I do come across FSBO’s, and
    my objective is to tell the homeowner where I need to be. If there I can’t
    get my price, then i refer them to an agent. I think being ethical whether
    you are an agent or investor is key.

  • Jeffrey Clay

    Absolutely!! Let me know if I can ever do anything for you in the Charlotte

  • savehouses

    I talk to homeowners that are priced too high for me to do anything with. I
    can send them to you as listings as long as they are realistic about price.
    I will keep your info handy. Thanks

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