Charlotte Luxury Real Estate-Providence Downs

For Further Info.,Please Visit Charlotte Luxury Real Estate-Providence Downs Charlotte Luxury Realtor Eli Magids takes you on your own personal tour of Providence Downs,one of his personal favorites! Charlotte Luxury Real Estate-Providence Downs
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In this blog we discuss the account statements that are sent out to our clients. This video describes the account statements that are sent out to clients and there are various ways in which Sunwest IRA sends out these statements. Get a detailed explanbation on the Sunwest account statements at The paper statements are usually sent out to clients quarterly. However, should a client choose to have email statements they simply fill out a form from the firm. Clients can also register on the Sunwest website to have full access to account information. The account statement should reflect the cash value currently held by the firm. This money is stored in a US Bank savings account and has a minimum of 0. Any contributions or rollovers converted into the IRA will also be reflected on cash. Account statements will also reflect the miscellaneous assets. These may be LLCs, real estate or precious metals which have been directed by the client to be purchased through the IRA. These assets value change constantly. A fair market value form is sent out on January. This will help to identify the market value of the assets as of the end of the previous year. The Sunwest Youtube channel provides more insights and informational videos. Subscribe at
Video Rating: 4 / 5


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