Buying a House in Japan #1 – Banks

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25 Responses to “Buying a House in Japan #1 – Banks”
  1. Tero Väänänen says:

    This is one amazing series!

  2. Cody Martin says:

    Commerce Bank do they it in japan 

  3. krenoime2 says:

    @mrbearateyou hmmm the difference in the accent is clear… dunno how
    people could

  4. lordcoyote2000 says:

    Thank you so much for the detailed information.

  5. HIY4MUGI says:

    Thanks for the video 😀

  6. arhamus says:

    Does it cost VERY VERY much?

  7. Francis Meloski says:

    This is fantastic, thank you so much for sharing your life with us. It’s so
    much fun and very interesting. Best of luck seeking out a new home. Don’t
    use the Bank of America they are terrible

  8. Tatianna777 says:

    @MrLongtip it extremlely expensive there. about 30 dollars for a plain
    white shirt . you have to have a really good job to move there. alot of
    people want to move to japan but you have to prepare for a long time. you
    have to learn he launguage the prices bring nore than 50 grande to start
    off there. its hard to move to japan from the states. They have much
    diffrent job options. its better to live where you are for now.

  9. DiablossoFucker says:

    Great and informative as always :)

  10. shadowicewolf54 says:

    @SpiritofInsanity as in a one person? I’ve seen it be anywhere from 60,000
    yen (not very good quality) to 100,000 yen

  11. MrLongtip says:

    i’m still in high school but my dream is to move to japan, i was wondering
    is there is any tips moving to japan permanently.

  12. Cebrail1991 says:

    Thank for the info thumbs up!

  13. Space Ape says:

    Who is the we in your videos?

  14. MiSoAmerican says:

    This is an excellent topic. I hadn’t even thought of it until I saw yours.
    Thanks for the upload.

  15. Jessica Angelia says:

    oh they are all cancel because the house are so far from the church. thx
    and we aren’t deal with tour and travel

  16. ghibli31 says:

    @LuuvAnime dude just ignore him. he is retarded :)

  17. zellator says:

    You changed your hair! hahaha

  18. Lon Erik Zhao Höppö says:

    Very inspiring photage, keep it up!

  19. Christopher Barnes says:

    You have a website?????????? lol

  20. kuroodetto says:

    What about city bank?

  21. deke1974 says:

    So where are the next videos? I can’t find them!!

  22. MageThief says:

    Sweet, looking forward to these

  23. Frank15982 says:

    2% interest rate? that’s great! My parents are paying about 2 or three
    times that amount. How are the property values though? Expensive?

  24. Eddie Bond says:

    Very good information.

  25. junkie4vids says:

    Interesting insights as always. 5 stars…ummm…I mean “Like”. Don’t you
    love the new YouTube? Can they use smaller fonts ? LOL. Thanks again, Mr.
    JapanChannelDcom !

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