Buying A House For 16 Dollars

Buying A House For 16 Dollars

This guy figured out how to use an old Texas loop hole to buy a foreclosed house worth over 300k dollars for 16 bucks.
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  • Sanguis Leonis

    Not hard to see who wears the pants in that family.

  • Singularity2039

    Feb 6, 2012 – Bank of America, which held a $409,206 mortgage on the home,
    moved to evict Kenneth Robinson. After a Monday court hearing, which he
    didn’t attend, he was ordered to vacate within a week.

  • Prairielander

    I’m sure the city would be happy as he is paying property taxes for the
    home now. His neighbours sound like arseholes though.

  • ColtFan89

    He got kicked out of that house

  • mistax2k

    “My alma mater was books, a good library…. I could spend the rest of my
    life reading, just satisfying my curiosity.” ― Malcolm X The most dangerous
    weapon in America is an educated black man.

  • SantaIsLord

    Good for that guy and screw that jealous cunt!

  • TheRealDoctorBigfoot

    like that cunt actually bought it….she prolly just shits on her ass all
    day while her husband brings home the bacon

  • vomitedshit

    he doesn’t have electricity or running water does he? sounds like fun then

  • mediagod2004

    Awesome is what I think for him and ‘boo hoo’ for the neighbors who “i
    smell racism”, believe he should PAY for it, what? Like they did? Do they
    ALL own their own houses, paid off, etc., I’m sure most do not outright OWN
    their homes, but yet the Bank or Mortgage company really is the owner. What
    is funny is by some other states and the laws, not knowing Texas law much,
    but it would also mean he could even rent the house out..this is a great
    loop hole in the land of lost homesteading.I like him!

  • UnitedStatesOfSpange

    ha wow you better stay in montana

  • mediagod2004

    Could you at least recite a source for such information which is obviously
    a huge deal for these Texans and I thought the bank has also closed in the
    report, so how did they take it back from this so-called ‘squatter’ who
    just happened to find a law he used, like so many other people, I think we
    call them politicians and judges, etc…you know, regular folk…lol.

  • Jason Nielson

    @thete07 I’m ashamed at her for being a “racist” and at you for not knowing
    how to spell.

  • David Lonergan

    Good on him!

  • nenarentas

    these people are racist. THat’s that.

  • darlene robinson

    @sprookafook Me too!!!!

  • jade1ucas

    Hope he gets to stay in the house:)

  • medic1096

    I am white, and I totally agree with him getting the home. I think its
    crap that the idiot woman who is trying to fight it is just jealous, not to
    mention prejudice. If she had found the same opportunity, she would have
    probably taken it. And its sad that we still have some people with the bs
    attitude that if you are white then you are better. There is good and bad
    in every color.

  • Tron Kitty

    Hahaha! what a bitch! You didn’t pay for your house ether you funking dumb
    cunt your HUSBAND DID! Just another loud mouth annoying woman poking her
    ugly face in everyone’s business………I guess we can see who the
    annoying busy body of the neighborhood is. Rock on Bro! good luck!

  • CFinestt

    I feel sorry for you. Now move to detroit nigger lover 🙂

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