Buying a House

For further info please go to my website When buying a home it can sometimes be overwhelming, being prepared before you…
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Buying a house is one of the biggest financial decisions we’ll ever make. I’ve given you my top five tips and traps for house buying, now here are yours. Tha…
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  • Fanatical (David Hewlett)

    Friday late-night edit brings you a rambling home buying tips and traps

  • UnknownXV

    Buying a house is an investment after you start to pay into the house. At
    first it’s mostly interest which doesn’t help you, and literally is just
    paying rent to the bank. The further you get into your mortgage, the more
    equity you build up and eventually the house is more yours than the banks.

    Still, I personally prefer saving up and buying a house in cash. Though
    this is much harder to do in Canada where home prices are far higher than
    in the USA. Not sure what’s up with that. 

  • livinlicious

    I’m not buying a house in the next 20years or so, but I’m listening
    fascinated all like “aham, yes, yes, absolutely, that is so true, oh I
    never thought of that…”.
    What the hell is going on, do I get hypnotized or what? :D

  • The Cypher

    So many things to consider when buying a house – I’ve certainly seen a few
    changes back in my childhood neighbourhood. Once twas’ a nice place, with
    all the houses being mortgaged, then over a period of many years more and
    more rentings, noisy neighbours ect. Houses are such a pain – but living in
    a RV or Travel Van you have no neighbours (Although you could consider the
    noise from busy roads just as bad, it’s best to park in a neighbourhood
    where it it quiet). If you don’t like the neighbourhood, or it starts to
    become noisy, you can move somewhere else any time!

    I really don’t need that much to live. A phone, a laptop, internet, my
    Doctor Who collection and other stuff does me good, otherwise you become a
    hoarder. Hoarding is bad.

    Good video as always Dave!

  • Patty1971

    Awww, you´re so McKayish waving around your tablet. Sorry, I can´t help it,
    but consider yourself cuddled. ;O)

    But, what I actually wanted to say is that, concerning our new neighbours I
    followed the tip ( I don´t remember who´s tip it was, but thanks anyway) to
    get to know them. So I went over and had a little chat. They´re really
    nice people. An older couple with an almost adult son. And it turns out,
    that they were almost as concerned as I was of how the new neighbours (us)
    would be. I tend to panic and dramatize,and subconsciously I´m still
    waiting for the big bang, but I think we´ll get along. Interesting fact is,
    the more likeable the less annoying you find someone. So, getting to know
    your neighbours before you wield your axe is a very valuable advice.

  • dsdowns001

    Just got a chance to view this great video and advice, you really raised my
    curiosity about how you have arranged your mortgage by using your
    retirement savings as collateral on your loan. I don’t want to ask any
    personal details but is their a term I could search for on google that I
    could learn more about these types of arrangements? Something I had
    intended to mention is the rise of real estate crowdfunding

    something that in gaining in popularity because of the lack of options for
    equity capital investments. Again great video really good info!

  • Adrian Lynn

    Thank you for sharing more tips! I’ve been doing research about buying a
    house versus a condo and looking at nearby areas where I might want to
    live. I didn’t even think about seeking out those places during different
    times of the year! We can get some nasty winters, and it would be nice
    knowing ahead of time what the roads might look like beforehand. I would
    get really annoyed if my street was taken over by a people parking for
    church or having to deal with an elongated time period of construction or
    something like that. Good things to think about!

  • TheSuperKnug

    We found a Cold war anti-tank mine in our back yard 2 years after we bought
    the house… Soo use a metal ditector before you buy the house :)

  • TWBrit com

    This is great, things work a little differently here with searches and
    surveys etc. But again, tons of great info!
    You should talk to Kirstie Allsopp if you ever buy in the UK

  • aaroNiGHTS

    Always pay by Cheque. And if you can, go on the roof – even if it’s just to
    get a different perspective, but also to check the integrity of the roof.

  • Mustang Sally

    Great advice!! The thought of buying a house scares me to death because I’m
    always afraid I won’t like it after I buy it or something will be wrong
    with it but these are great things to keep in mind.

  • tactlesstruth

    Damn this is excellent. You should do more of these.

  • Juliette J

    Your dad seems to master every situation ! You’re lucky that he’s still
    invested in his grown-up children’s big decisions.

    I am now aware of all these very important things you need to check before
    moving, and realize I’ve done none when looking for new rent. I only had 3
    weeks to find a place and move in, so it was really stressful but so far
    I’m very lucky; larger place with better exposition for cheaper price and
    quiet neighbours! And view on the Seine !

    But I’ll keep those in mind when I move-on to ownership, thanks. ;-)

  • Sam J

    Not sure if this is helpful at all, but upon entering a new house:
    1 – Make it home. Put pictures and/or posters on the walls, your son’s
    drawings on the fridge, treasured items, etc. ENJOY the place! 🙂

    2 – Find out where is the closest hopsital, GP, vet, school, police
    station, post office, store, and bus stop.

    3 – Scan the area for strange energy readings, make contact with the locals
    and see if they have any valuable technology or resources to trade.

    And on a totally unrelated subjet, that t-shirt is fantastic. :D

  • Micheal Bemma (OntarioFantasyMovies)

    We had a tree in our front yard, right by the house. over the first 5ish
    years, we didn’t really notice the drains going slower. but eventually they
    virtually stopped. So I’m a handy guy, got a snake, popped a drain, snaked
    the line, got roots, quick internet search, 2 jugs of root killer, spaced
    apart by a few days I believe it was. then come spring, and a chainsaw. by
    by went mr tree. (again, did it myself, cuz, well, I’m cheap 🙂 ) (oh, and
    a handy little tip, Epson Salts will help kill tree stumps, simply drill a
    wack of 1″ holes, fill em with Epson salts (if it’s going to rain any time
    soon, tape over em, recommend sheathing tape, but duct tape would likely

  • ParisVaughn

    These advice videos are great. Love all the helpful tips and tricks. Not
    going to be buying a house in the near future, but I’ll have to keep this
    video in mind for a re-watch when I do!

    Nice to hear your neighbors are friendly, it really makes quite a
    difference doesn’t it? I know all too well the stress that bad neighbors
    can cause.

  • Roy Milano

    Hey David! Another tip… Always get a home warranty! Many companies like
    AHS (American Hone Shield) offer them. They cover plumbing,electrical,
    appliances, ceiling fans, etc for a decent yearly fee. You then only pay a
    service charge for each visit (we pay 75$ a visit) which covers anything
    that needs to be done. You don’t pay for parts or labor and if something
    cannot be repaired they replace it for no additional cost! Best, Roy

  • WKDworks

    This is more of a post purchase tip but: Rent a FLIR and on a colder night
    walk the inside and outside of the house and snap pics of the wonky parts.

    If you find bad spots cheer yourself up with thermal selfies / family
    portraits, if you don’t you can still use it as an excuse to play with a
    thermal camera. Either way it’s a win-win situation.

  • Patrick Caswell

    10yrs ago I moved across town from where I worked and then construction
    began on rebuilding a bridge on a major thoroughfare. WHAT A PAIN IN THE
    ARSE trying to get to work for the next year! Plan you’re routes too

  • Natashja Singleton

    If you think buying a house can give you tons of things to think and worry
    about – try to build one! I will never do that again…

  • Mur Fairoh

    Lol at you describing western country christian music. Must of have been
    horrid 😉 

  • Roy Milano

    Hi David! Another tip… Never let a seller pressure you or talk you into a
    sale without an inspection! If a seller sees that you really want a house
    and they know that there may be issues they may try to close the deal by
    saying you ca have the house if you skip the inspection. Never let the.
    Talk you into this it will lead to disaster! Best, Roy 

  • WildRoseCountryGirl

    this is perfect timing! Very soon I will be purchasing a home. Thank you
    for the info.

  • Maria Vasconcelos

    No question about it…those are great tips. I most certainly will follow
    them, I wanna buy a new house soon enough.

  • Gatewhale

    I love the little note that pops up and great advice! :D

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