Buyer Beware! Things to look for in foreclosed homes: Part 2

Dave Dettmann takes you on an informational “need-to-know” tour of what to watch out for when buying a foreclosed home. There are many things the buyer needs to “beware” of when purchasing a bank foreclosure, and this video will answer many questions. Part 2 in a series. Dave Dettmann is a Realtor and a real estate trainer & professional speaker, and has over 20 years experience in the field of real estate. You can reach him by e-mailing him at:
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  • fadedaway379


  • joelchummel

    The chinese drywall they are referring to only started being imported in 2001. Not forty years ago.

  • mytuberforyou

    Copper darkening on the EXTERIOR AC condensor return line has nothing to do with “chinese drywall” , but rather due to the OUTSIDE environment, specifically humidity (cooler than ambient copper lines, like cold water lines, “sweat”, the water causes oxidation or blackening. The “stuff” coming from Chinese drywall are sulfides, and Knauf (That’s Knauf not “Kanuf”) accounts for only a small portion, the way to tell is by sulfide smell or tarnish silver spoon test.Outgassing depends on temperature.

  • empireoflizards

    Chinese drywall started showing up in the 2000’s when the housing/construction boom was in full force and hurricanes caused drywall shortages.

  • TheMakemoneybaby

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  • andrew symonds

    Hey I just wanted to say that I really enjoyed reading your Video. You have good views; keep up the good informative info. Good Quality and very informative Video.

  • gowidenow

    nothing beats experience! excellent vid-thank you-will contact you by email for a purchase.

  • Tony Cooper

    if you pay cash what else do you lookout for on the money part besides back taxes that may still have to pay?

  • Jose Mercader


  • Dave Dettmann

    1 of every 4 homes in my area are either in foreclosure or going into foreclosure. #1 in the nation.

  • Sam Mahamoud

    not paying your bills isnt misfortune. buying stuff from target that is made from chinese slave labor is exploiting someones misfortune

  • UniverseOffspring

    I’m pretty sure our home has Chinese drywall in it, it cost us 30,000 and is about forty years old. That is quite unfortunate don’t you agree. This might explain why I feel very slow most of the time.

  • Gavin Curtis

    NAFTA is the best.

  • inbredagogo

    That house isn’t worth shit. You would have to tear all the drywall out, probably have a hazmat team remove all the particles, then redo everything.

  • inbredagogo

    That Chinese drywall must be some bad shit. It really doesn’t say a lot about our country when we can’t even make our own drywall.

  • Umpafunk

    Very informative, thank you for taking the time to explain your every step. Learned a lot and look forward to seeing more of your videos.

  • Mrphatbastard1

    Jeebus, WTF is in that shit???

  • Wellington5392

    Who’s gonna remove all those big ass dead fish that the prior owner put in the attic and under the insulation…..Hahahah!

  • AspenNomad

    Certainly can’t be healthy for people or pets to be living in homes made with chinese drywall?

  • mrhowardb

    This is insane…..great post.

  • ny4lyfe007

    Thanks needed to know, buying first home.


    My question is if this type of drywall causes erosion to metals…faucets…and leaves deposits or a film on microwaves…do you know what kind of damage it is causing to peoples’ skin and respiratory system??….and what about pets??…my guess is this drywall if it is indeed causing this type of reaction to metals and such…it can be quite detrimental to your health…is this really real??….this should not be one should use a material that silently destroys…Thanks for sharing

  • caganb

    Thanks .  great info

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