Breckenridge Real Estate Video and What I Learned Before I started on this real estate video I watched many others online that were highly ranked o…


  • One Deaf Eye Productions

    Great job Dave! I produce videos at a large university with a general time
    limit of 2 minutes or a little more. It’s pretty tough to tell a story in
    that amount of time – even tougher without any narration. In this case,
    you’re telling the condo’s story and for me it came through great. I know
    what it feels like, I want to rent it and got a great feel for the
    surrounding area. If I had to nit-pick, I noticed the light stand and cord
    in the left corner of one of your wide shots.

  • Mark Harrell

    Thank you for what you are doing. The time and energy it takes to produce
    and post your videos just so you can share the valuable knowledge with us.
    It is east to be critical from the outside. Over all you did a wonderful
    job. Love the look! Most of my critical points are minor and not worth
    mentioning, the only major point for me was no story it felt a little
    random. Now with that said for the first one you have done… Excellent my
    friend!!! Keep it up brother.

  • alexmoto1984

    man you live in paradise


    Dave, I’ve been shooting segments of real estate video for 20 years mostly
    for broadcast so I was prepared to be unimpressed. On the contrary your
    work is suppletive but that’s sort of “it” the “work” you have put in this
    project is amazing! To me this is a $30 K production, any less would be an
    insult. When do you add the jib and Steadicam?

  • GotVideoHD

    How much do you charge for real estate videos? This one seems like you took
    all day, not counting editing. Coach David

  • Aero Windwalker

    The timelapse is too still. You can set up the camera to pan or zoom a
    little – even just doing it afterward.

  • Matt Hargrave

    Hi Dave, great video, makes me want to visit CO. I’m working on a couple
    real estate videos right now (mainly malls being developed in China) and
    appreciated your insight into what makes a good real estate video. I
    noticed you said you watch a bunch of examples before this shoot and was
    wondering if you had any links to some of your favorites. Thanks!

  • mario Cazares

    Looks very good. Loved it!

  • PLTbyCormie

    Woow..loved it Dave..makes me want to videos have come a
    long way..Congrats!

  • TheDmanzano

    Hi Dave. I know you are a busy man, but would please answer this? On the
    corporate video you have on your website. How did you get such great clear
    sound? What sound program are you using? I have a Senheiser Mic and a
    Beachtek but I am not there yet as far as great quality. Thank you

  • jeffhallfilm

    Did she use adjectives to describe a noun?

  • thephpjo

    if you look at your monitor, there are some weird artifacts going on, why
    is this so?

  • Félix Cavazos

    I’m sad… because there’s a sad face in the video’s url ending u-u

  • Abdullah Alansari

    Great video Dave, I’ll be waiting for your tutorial

  • JimmuWarris

    The video is very nicely done. Everything looks great. Good job!

  • Dominik Haake

    Great reel estate video! May I ask how much one gets paid to do something
    like that? Thanks.

  • Benjamin Deen-Swaray

    What Camera did you use to shoot this?

  • Spade193

    And the real estate video was perfect, very nicely done and very

  • Erlend Aaby

    In a category like this, i would compose alot of symmetric images! it
    presents elegance and structure, which is a good effect to such videos.

  • Christian Jensen

    Just a wild guess.. Many of the shots are slowed down and probably came
    from 720p 60fps. As the camera cannot film in 60fps in 1080p that would be
    the answer :-). Upscaling won’t do us any good.

  • manguman

    Great Job.

  • Robert Taylor

    As I expected, you did a bang up job. You are a video artist with a great
    eye for the perfect shot. Congrats.

  • Roger Jackaman

    Great video that really shows of the property and surounding area. A
    tutorial on how you lit the indoor scenes or set up to take advantage of
    the natural light and room lights would be very useful. Or just some tips
    on what you did and considered for each shot.

  • Christopher Loukides

    “film dust” maybe better way of describing those birds…

  • Joshua Shores

    Thanks for what you do Dave! You have been a GREAT reference for me and I
    look forward to your next video. How many days did you go out to capture
    these shots? If you are going to continue to do videos like these for
    clients (2-5 min), what is the amount of time that you feel is a good
    cutoff for capturing video before going to post? Thanks a ton! Great
    videos, keep it up!

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