Bill gates house virtual tour, in Florida

Bill gates house virtual tour, in Florida

Virtual Tour in Florida Please click on the ad, I donate all my earnings to my church. 100% goes to the soup kitchen where I also take part in distributing t…

Atlas Survival Shelters: Corrugated 10’x50′ Underground Home Virtual Tour 1 (855)-4-BUNKERS 7407 Telegraph Rd. Montebell…
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  • kingoftaurus

    A little pet peeve here. You say its messy and to forgive the mess because
    it will be done “tomorrow” yet the next day you didn’t post a video about
    it, you posted it today. Hmm. Curious advertisement.


  • metalhead4x4

    There is a load of ignorance on this vid, for one, a nuclear war wouldn’t
    wipe out everything on earth, there would be a lot of survivors, radiation
    levels drop faster than you think. An asteroid is another story. This is
    only a shelter with the necessary things to survive as far as a place of
    safety, generator, storage etc. You have to store the water, food, guns
    etc. they won’t supply that for you. It is absolutely feasible to survive a
    nuclear war. Look up Joe Skousen(sp) Strategic Location. 

  • Tim Foley

    Hurricane coming in 15 minutes.something you can use year round.

  • Tim Foley

    A great Guess room! GOOD job,IF I was younger,I would ask about the bar.

  • MrAgnostic

    The thing is .What if a nuclear was really happened? Would you actually
    want to be a survivor and slowly die of radiation poisoning?

  • lava Richards

    All I can say is wow. awesomely done;)

  • dylan dennis

    this guys putting luxuries when you could put food or something important
    to survive. … amateur.

  • Connor Calarco

    Where’s the bathroom

  • Jackie Spellen


  • Jackie Spellen

    Well… Depending on what type of crisis or issue occur, we might not have
    any electricity. You might have to use a generator. Right?

  • cbecomis

    people like d king will be dead in the first three days lol!

  • CraftingKingz

    You can get a 250 gallon fuel and water tank externally on this plus there
    is a diesel generator that can run off of a single gallon and last about 30
    days with medium use. If you don’t use much power than you can last a very
    long time

  • jim kidman

    to dam small for 25 years after the aftermath

  • gavino thegreat

    zombies already took over CNN and MSNBC bitch

  • gavino thegreat

    be cool if above ground as cheap house if you could make it wider……its
    a shipping container right?

  • Zen Kitteh

    Too bad so damn expensive.

  • Dustin Fitzgerald

    I’m sure it has a generator, or can be hooked up to one.. if this guy was
    going to spend time to make all this don’t you think he would take an extra
    second to think “oh the fine folks in this place might want lots of cool
    stuff to be comfortable’ AND BE ABLE TO USE IT TOO?!” smh

  • kenzeus

    @ 1:17 it sounds like he says private masturbator bedroom!! lol. Yes we
    Sure need one of those!! XD.

  • angeldustfairy

    its called having emergency food

  • JD Parkes

    Why the hell would you want to survive a global nuclear war? Or the end of
    the world? A tornado or harsh storm, I understand. But after everything is
    wiped out on the earth’s surface, you can’t survive. All plants and animals
    would have been obliterated.

  • JewsDeceiveUs ResistNewWorldOrder

    Hey. I see you are confused about the name. You need to understand that
    many Jews believe they were meant to rule over us non-Jews (Gentiles), &
    they are taught in their holy books the Talmud where they get many of their
    teachings & laws is that they must lie & deceive us Gentiles. Thats why
    most medias, Hollywood & most TV PROGRAMMING is owned by them. The Jewish
    Talmud teaches Jews that’s it’s ok to deceive non-Jews. Baba Kamma 113a.
    Jews may use lies (“subterfuges”) to circumvent a Gentile.

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