Belize real estate for sale in Placencia near San Pedro, Ambergris Caye and Caye Caulker Belize.

Belize real estate for sale in Placencia near San Pedro, Ambergris Caye and Caye Caulker Belize.

Belize real estate for sale just north of Placenica. Spectacular beach, river, marina properties for sale in Placencia. Just south of Ambergris Caye, Belize …
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  • Corey Cabral

    Philip great video! How is the real estate business going for you in Belize?

  • Peter Dilov

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  • jeff walker

    Suburban Belize City: … … … … … … …

  • Denny Lenny

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  • Lincy Mattam

    plans to visit Toledo April 2013 can you help

  • toby gilbert

    traveling solo to belize feb2013…lookin for a travel friend

  • SPmQQse


  • SPmQQse

    gatta wonder what makes a tourist choose the 5th or 6th most dangerous country in the world…for a vacation…when so many other beautiful and ‘safe’ places exist. !!
    belize has it all……rapes,stabbings,thievery,murders,corrupt police and judiciary,etc…..!

  • pola799

    I hope to visit this wonderful country soon! Thank you for your information,,, great video congratulation!!

  • Philip M. Walker

    @Martinionthedocks yes, agreed on the Hagar song…….it’s got just a fun vibe to it! I love the CD myself. hope you get to Belize soon and be careful with the move. If you have any questions about Sanctuary Belize feel free to email, otherwise have a blast down there!

  • Martinionthedocks

    God I love this song! Had to rush out and buy the CD! Was headed to Ambergris at the end of the month but now stuck moving a friend from KC to San Diego so looks like I’ll get there in Oct for a few weeks vacation. If I like it I plan to retire from work and find a place to buy and stay the winters there.

  • FOREX07

    Let me know what you thinkof Sanctuary Belize after you get back? Thanks!

  • spectrum0590

    This property is suit for people who love to stay on the beach. It was a good property and good investment.

  • Philip M. Walker

    hello, San Pedro is in a “key word”. many folks only know of San Pedro when they think of Belize so this video is designed to “pop up” when folks type in a search for San Pedro. by plane it’s only approx. 45 min. everything is Belize is relatively close because it is such a small country. the video shows several areas in Belize to give the viewer a good overview of what they can experience from the Placencia area in Belize.

  • Joseph Schmoe

    Confused – is this saying that Placenica is near San Pedro?? Because it isn’t!

  • crazyhorselover12

    i’m going there on president week !!!!!

  • dawns31

    me too~ trying to figure out how…

  • Philip M. Walker

    I am so ready to move to Belize!!!!  Yaaaa Hoooooo!!!!!!

  • jenny14485

    I want to be there too

  • geauxgirlgeaux

    Great Video Philip! I miss Belize already!
    -Your LSU Neighbor

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