Bel Air Luxury Homes for Sale: 21 Million: Video Produced by Interior Pixels

January 27, 2015 by  
Filed under Watch Video This video was shot and produced by the Interior Pixels team and features a 21 million dollar newly constructed Bel Air Estate… Brentwood luxury homes for sale is located on a quiet street moments from everything in Brentwood, a modern twist on Mediterranean livi…


29 Responses to “Bel Air Luxury Homes for Sale: 21 Million: Video Produced by Interior Pixels”
  1. Interior Pixels says:

    Thanks for your interest in the music. The song was produced by our
    in-house composer and unfortunately its not currently available for
    download elsewhere. He hasn’t give it a title yet. 

  2. mo jon says:

    there’s illuminaty in the back yard :O :O :O

  3. Bryan Le says:

    I offered them $20 million, but they didn’t take it. Oh well, on to the
    next one 

  4. Tron T says:

    21 people were upset they still live at home with parents beautiful song
    though that house is ridiculous I would never leave…well probably not

  5. LRissa19 says:


  6. M Carter says:

    Now, this is a story all about how
    My life got flipped-turned upside down
    And I’d like to take a minute
    Just sit right there
    I’ll tell you how I became the prince of a town called Bel Air

    In west Philadelphia born and raised
    On the playground was where I spent most of my days
    Chillin’ out maxin’ relaxin’ all cool
    And all shootin some b-ball outside of the school
    When a couple of guys who were up to no good
    Started making trouble in my neighborhood
    I got in one little fight and my mom got scared
    She said ‘You’re movin’ with your auntie and uncle in Bel Air’I whistled
    for a cab and when it came near
    The license plate said fresh and it had dice in the mirror
    If anything I could say that this cab was rare
    But I thought ‘Nah, forget it’ – ‘Yo, homes to Bel Air’

    I pulled up to the house about 7 or 8
    And I yelled to the cabbie ‘Yo homes smell ya later’
    I looked at my kingdom
    I was finally there
    To sit on my throne as the Prince of Bel Air

  7. Shari Anton says:

    That’s the first house this size that I really like. It looks like home.
    Warm and inviting. I love it. Anyone know the name of the song playing? I
    love that too!

  8. Nightmare 1911 says:

    “California In The Summer Time” would be a nice title for this song.

  9. sharday808 says:

    someone bought it =.(

  10. Shari Anton says:

    300 of these views are me listening to this song <333

  11. Nicholas Wooldridge says:

    I want this beatfull house

  12. Francisco Castaneda says:

    soong? helpppp

  13. Yardidol says:

    Saw this home on Wealth TV a while ago. It’s a spectacular home. I
    believe it was sold.

  14. Sarah Smith says:

    and that song is very nice

  15. Anu Yew says:

    I love the Song!!

  16. jr lion says:

    pause the video at 2:19 and look carefully at the garden and you will
    notice that it is in the shape of a compass which is a symbol for the

  17. Paige Scott says:


  18. Mariusz Gruszewski says:

    the songs its butiful

  19. Susumu Iwafune says:
  20. drea rose says:

    beautiful song to video presentation

  21. Sarah Smith says:

    how much

  22. MonroeSim says:

    Home fit for a boss

  23. Tonia Swenson says:


  24. Brent McDonald says:

    Is this house still for sale?

  25. Bow Industries says:

    Love this Bel Air home!

  26. mariah jackson says:

    hi i would like purchase in 2021

  27. Cedric Chapman says:

    When will you have a video tour of 6435 WEIDLAKE DR ?

  28. A Freethinker says:

    White is a code word for staged home. I’m learning :)

  29. Cedric Chapman says:

    When will you have a video tour of 904 N Crescent Dr?

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