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Very raw interview on Super Agents Live interview by toby salgado where Grant Cardone holds no punches and talks about what real estate agents must do to bec…
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  • Grant Cardone

    Grant Cardone calls out ALL real estate agents for being average untrained
    amatuers in this live radio interview at SuperAgentsLive.

    This is not for the faint of heart or those that cant handle the truth.

  • Joel Wolh

    Grant, Toby sounds like a pretender :)

  • Tom Shamenek

    This will be my real estate “Bible”.

  • Cali Grant

    DOPE, I’M F***** PUMPED!!!!!!

  • Rich Bravo

    Nice Love the Video!!

  • Brendan Bracken

    Love this one…


    Hey Grant,

    Been following your material for approx 5 months and ofcourse got the
    books, your work has influenced me and your recieving a cult like following
    in the office.

    Im in the heating and cooling industry.
    Im 100% commission, getting a piece of the company profit. Making 3000 on
    avg a week.
    Doing d2d. Im not satisfied. …

    I need help retaining reps.
    Im pumped and producing infront of them.

    I ned a video o retaining sales reps

    Richard Englisch


  • angel aponte

    Grant Cardone… you are Great, Amazing, Fantastic, Spectacular..!! Don’t
    know what else to say!!
    Thank you for your mission, on helping other human been, change their
    lives, like you are helping me, changing mine!!!!

  • Templeton Walker

    Great video, Grant and Toby! Wow his energy is incredible!

  • Leo Goykhman

    This was awesome. I love people that have the guts to say what they mean.
    Awesome interview

  • BlueCrestRealty1

    Love it 

  • BlueCrestRealty1

    Love it 

  • toby salgado

    +Geoffrey Bayly That’s funny that you asked me that. Your the first that
    realized how hard it is to keep a guy like that in my box. Not his. Super
    happy you can appreciate/understand what I do. Go kill it. Let’s talk in a
    few days. Will drop Darren’s book in the post tomorrow


  • Gabe Mendez

    Mr. Grant Cardone sir.. I loved this video, but there was one thing other
    than the content that stood out to me. I need an answer from you sir.

    What’s up with the Vi-Shape Shake Mix? 

  • MrHardCash

    LOL! You’re funny Grant! Of course people from the “other side of the
    world” come across your videos and many are loyal followers. I am an Arab
    from Dubai. Granted, not the most obscure spot on the planet, but I know
    people in north & mid Africa who also know about you.

  • Dean Hodson

    I want to be your real estate agent of choice! I live here in south
    florida too. LOVE your attitude and energy! I will be in touch Grant.

  • toby salgado

    Grant Kills it in this episode

  • Byron Lazine

    Passion! I was talking to Toby over the phone and he put me on to this
    interview, I have been hooked since. Incredibly honest and valuable
    information in your videos.. I have since ramped up YouTube as part of my

  • Dean Hodson

    Toby Salgado is a great interviewer and knows and does what he’s talking
    about. He is not a real estate agent but he would be one of the BEST if he
    chose to. This is the first time I heard of Grant Cardone…He seems like
    a ROCKSTAR! I’m brand new at this, he would absolutely be a GREAT

  • toby salgado

    Grant kills it with this episode—-Thanks for taking the time out and
    talking with me you can find Grant and other Super Agents at

  • Kucan & Clark Partners, LLC.

    Become a Super Real Estate Agent SuperAgents Live Radio Become a Super Real
    Estate Agent SuperAgents Live Radio #realestate #rei #sandiego

  • Assassimon

    So, who got the most viewers after all ? :)

  • StanandJayme McLaughlin

    Grant, how unprofessional you are to paint all 700,000 Realtors with the
    same brush stroke. I did not check to see what you do for a living. But, I
    believe you reap what you saw. So, you are obviously having fun tearing
    down a profession. A Realtor is the hub of a transaction and does more than
    150 tasks firing a given day. Maybe you will meet a great Realtor one day!
    Heck, maybe you will meet me!
    Stan McLaughlin
    Keller Williams Realty
    Norman, OK 

  • mwilkie1982

    Cardone is a force of nature. I need whatever he’s on. 

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