[99] Crowdfunding Commercial Real Estate with Rodrigo Nino

[99] Crowdfunding Commercial Real Estate with Rodrigo Nino

Our lead story: If you thought Mt.Gox was down for the count, you might want to think again because it appears the bankrupt Bitcoin exchange is getting a sec…
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  • Mechyuda

    Regarding the fall of the US dollar. It doesn’t have to be an all or
    nothing situation. There could be shades of gray. If the US dollar is
    still the world’s reserve currency, but it has to deal with a growing
    combination of regional reserve currencies, competing international reserve
    currencies, and ad-hoc reserve currencies, then the US dollar could lose
    enough value or weight, which causes the US central banksters to lose
    significant or most of their economic influence. The next step is complete
    decay of the US dollar, or a continuation of the US dollar, but in a far
    less dominant manner. 

  • vvoodvvolf

    um let the banks fail then other smaller ones will pop up people be
    employed by them and more people than b4 will have jobs…

  • Lirio Bolaffio

    Thank you, Erin and Ed, for having considered my opinion. I’m never sure
    about what I say, so a reply or a feed back – even if a disapproval – is
    always well-accepted. I haven’t thought about SDR. The IMF Special Drawing
    Rights (SDR) can only be exchanged for euro, Japanese yen, pounds sterling,
    or US dollars. At present, the BRICS’ currencies are excluded from the
    appraisal of SDR because of political (not financial or economic) reasons:
    so a multipolar international order is required for an unimonetary reserve
    world system. I’m so happy and proud for hearing my name (correctly!)
    pronounced by Erin Ade… wow!!!

  • jerran sperarman

    great show erin

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