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  • unowen7591

    One thing for you: you’re so ignorant it’s hilarious.

  • William Brown

    I’m so very happy to have been a part of this effort.

  • MatttthewF

    Be sure to watch “FULL JUSTICE” on Youtube. It’s a brand new ORIGINAL SONG/VIDEO depicting the life and struggles of MLK and the civil rights movement in the 60’s.

  • Sturm68

    and speaking of racist speech…
    Yes, Dr. King was a black man, but more importantly, he was a great man, a great American, who fought for HUMAN RIGHTS, not just civil rights. He led a NATION not just black men and women…

  • Sturm68

    Perhaps, before you are so quick to ask why they are called “Mountains of Despair”, you should do a little research. Have you ever heard the speech “March on Washington for Jobs and Freedom” Dr. King gave in August of 1963 (which just happens to be more commonly known as his “I Have a Dream” speech??? Perhaps you should read it and then you might understand exactly why his slab appears to be displaced from the mountain…

  • annrandle1

    I visted last Sunday. The location is beautiful. The sculpture is lovely. Dr. King is not scowling. True, he was a humble man. But he also preached with authority and I think this sculpture shows this. I hope they will remove the misquote that is on his statue and replace it with his actual words. There is plenty of room to do that. And I wish they would have written his title, Rev. Dr. in front of his name. Dr. King was motivated by the teachings of Jesus, that he saw enacted by Ghandi,

  • Stuart McDougal

    Beautiful! So well done and I can’t wait to visit

  • Will Cox

    das racist

  • Jerry Schmidt

    up next, tributes to Maxine Waters, Al Sharpton, Marion Barry, and Jesse Jackson………..Jeeeeesch

  • kenyon53

    Leave it to someone from China to totally miss what Dr. King was all about. I’m talking of course about the sculptor. Arms folded with a scowl on his face? Really? Very disappointing.

  • kingofdacassel

    Four things:
    1. What the hell is that music?
    2. Why are they called “Mountains of Despair?” It looks just like the rock was sliced into three slabs and king’s slab displaced.
    3. I love how all of the trees shown are cherry trees in bloom, something that only happens once a year in DC.
    4. I have problems that this was carved in China, by Chinese workers, designed by a Chinese artist, on Chinese white granite. White? No. Dr. King was a black man, leading black men and women.

  • txchick11

    amazing 🙂
    i want to visit soon

  • Lorene271

    This is truly AMAZING. Very moving. L. Hunter

  • RedDonnaAnn

    Worst virtual tour ever. Geez, it’s 2:30 minutes before you get to actually see Dr. King and then it is still a moving image. Is this made in China, too?

    Dr. King deserves better.

  • silvermist1216

    I can’t wait to see this memorial.

  • 01swilkes

    Yes to God Be the Glory!!!!! Yes Yes

  • maxinejunesnow

    To God Be the Glory! A great man of God!

  • Boentgru

    The statue looks like Chairman Mao was a relative.

  • John Schmitt

    Great tribute to a great American
    Anybody know the name of the wrist of the background music?

  • Don Short

    The greatest person this country ever produced…

  • luisvillarreal1875

    It more amazing in person than this video It breathtaking

  • Sam Swinton

    Amazing and long overdue; Dr. King is standing tall!!!

  • David Lemon

    It is very beautiful. As a sculptor myself, who’s created several monumental pieces, I can appreciate the magnitude of imagination and talent that went into it’s design. I didn’t vote for our current President, not because of his color, had nothing to do with it, just didn’t agree with the direction he’d take us. I to had tears in my eyes when he was inaugurated. The same tears I had when the Berlin Wall fell. I saw it as a fulfillment of Dr. Kings dream. Thank you for your reply.

  • jlalewicz

    It’s beautiful, right? I wrote my ex-husband’s college term paper for his Sociology class on the ‘Civil Rights Movement’ & was always so glad I did. Learned so much & was so humbled by it. So glad I lived to see the innauguration of an African-Am. President. Sat & cried like a baby in front of the tv that day..lol

  • bloomcountyUSA

    This is so damned disorienting it’s infuriating! I’ve even been to the National Mall and all this panning into trees is absurd. I had to do a search through google to find it because I didn’t feel like wasting 3 1/2 minutes looking at this video when they could have just panned off to the tidal basin and shown that it isn’t on the Mall it’s actually next to the FDR Memorial instead of the Lincoln.

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